Can You Keep a Secret?

First thoughts that came to mind when I was reading this book: 50 Shades of Grey, without the S&M and porn.

I couldn't help it. Reading that it's about a girl having a relationship with her boss and all that just made me think of 50 Shades automatically!

To be clear, the similarities end there. This book is well-written and is more funny than sexy. It's not a heavy read but it is still a good and entertaining book.

There were a lot of funny parts, but I could relate to the one where she thinks she's about to die and talks nonstop about every little secret about herself to the person she's sitting next to on the plane.  That was hilarious but realistic at the same time.  I can see myself doing the same thing if I was placed in a similar situation.

I like that the lead, Emma, is not perfect.  It makes her seem more real to be quirky.  I hate it when the leads in books come off as flawless. I always enjoy reading (or watching) characters who have quirks/flaws.  That makes them easy to relate to because we all have our flaws and it's always refreshing to see characters who have them.  I'd rather not have too much quirks though because that would be too over the top for me.

I was, however, confused about the age of her romantic interest.  Emma is young...I'm assuming she's in her 20s and this guy is supposed to be the founder of the company she works for -- a company that has been around for a very long time.  So how old is he supposed to be?  He seems a bit young with the way he acts and reacts but the timeline is off for me.  It's not a that big a deal but it would have helped me "visualize" if I had an idea how old the guy actually is.

I've never read a Sophie Kinsella book before this one but now that I have an idea of the kind of books she writes, I'm considering reading another one of her books, specifically I've Got Your Number. Hopefully I can get to that book soon. I have so much lined up to read, I would love to have the time to actually get done with a big part of my list!

I've Got Your Number, I'll get to you really soon!

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Aya said...

I also liked this book. Good for a beach read!

becomingjudie said...

I like this book as well. In my opinion, this is way better than I've Got Your Number. But read it for yourself. Merry Christmas!