The Importance of Organ Donation

My future husband (in my dreams, but I give him the option to make it real) Daniel Henney got his big break in US TV with the series Three Rivers. I was very happy for him when he got the job and when the show finally aired. Unfortunately, it didn't click with the viewers so it only lasted one season. Can't really blame the viewers on that. Having one hospital drama is enough for me but to have a slew of them can be too much.

I was watching the series again and one thing that I felt bad about the show ending was that it was actually inspiring to see stories about organ donation and how important it is in this day and age. The show does a good job emphasizing how important being an organ donor is and how many lives can be saved if we are all willing to be donors.  The show tackled things that might make people hesitant about donation and I think they explained it all very well through their various episodes.

I'm very curious about organ donation here in the country. Do I have to sign up somewhere or will having an organ donor card be enough? I've tried to search online for more information but I guess what I really want to know are the success stories. I want to know how the system is working for everyone.  I wish that the Human Organ Preservation Insititute (HOPE) of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute can share information like that online. I don't want to be a donor just for the sake of it, I want to be aware of how the process is done here compared to other countries.

Anyone out there who can give me more information on this? Please leave me a message,  I'd appreciate the feedback!

Photo Source: CBS

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