Another year has passed and we all welcome 2013 with our big list of resolutions – most of which we either won’t remember by December or will not take seriously for the rest of the year. Admittedly, I have my own share of resolutions – well, not really resolutions but more of goals for the year (which I will share in a future post).

When a new year rolls along, it’s not the holiday or the celebration that I look forward to. More than anything it’s the thought of a new year and the changes that it brings -- it's something that frightens and excites me.

Every year brings changes in everyone’s lives. These changes can be good, but sometimes they can be challenges that ultimately lead us down a different path that we never even saw coming. No matter how we try to avoid it, change is a part of life and every year brings a lot of that.

I’ve been listening to a new song by Jaeson Ma that inspired me to write this entry. It’s a song called Change. I love the lyrics of the song; it made me reflect on my life and the changes that go with it.  It's very appropriate for the new year if you ask me.

I’m a very “stick-to-my-comfort-zone” / “if-it-isn’t-broke-don’t-fix-it” kind of person. That hasn’t stopped life from throwing me one challenge after another that force me to make changes in myself and my life. These challenges made me realize that change, no matter how I avoid it, is a part of life. I just have to roll with it and see where it takes me. After all, even the challenging/difficult changes in my life produce a positive outcome in the long run anyway.

I look forward to this New Year bringing about many changes in all of our lives. I hope that we all choose to face and use these changes to make ourselves better people and touch the lives of others in a positive way.

Let me leave you all with the music and lyrics to the song Change. Happy New Year everyone!

Got to make that change
Be the change this world needs
Don’t settle for mediocrity
Constantly challenge yourself to be better, to go farther
And be the best that you can possibly be
You got to make this change
Let it be you
Every day’s another struggle
Every day’s another chance to make life worth living
You just got to rise up from the ashes
And clear the way
Change is a part of life
Change is not easy but it is needed
We all have to change if we want to get somewhere
If you want to be that somebody then change is always necessary
We don’t change in an instant but change takes time
It takes everything in us to become everything we are called to be
No one said change is easy, no one said change would be fast
But change is worth it because without change there would be no hope
Without change there wouldn’t be the possibility of a better tomorrow
So embrace change and it will embrace you
Don’t be fear the unknown, be willing to face it and if you embrace it
Let it change you
You can do anything, you can be anything
But you must be willing to make that change
You got to believe

You have the power to change
It’s in you, you just have to believe
The only one stopping you from changing is yourself
Change is a choice
It didn’t begin yesterday
It doesn’t start tomorrow
Change starts today
And when you change the world around you changes
Change happens when we each choose to do our part in making a difference
Before we can change the world, we need to change ourselves
If we want things to be different we can be the difference
We each need to be the difference that brings about that change
We got to humble ourselves, to recognize we need to change
And have just what it takes to make it happen
Nothing is impossible only I am possible is possible
Things can change
We need to change our thinking
We need to change our attitudes
We need to change the way we live
We need to change the way we treat each other
We need to learn from the past and learn to change for the future
There’s one thing in life that is constant and that’s change
Change is not a part of life, it is life
And if you’re willing to change, you can
Just believe

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