Goodbye Smart Bro

After six years, I am finally ending my subscription to Smart Bro. I've had enough of the service interruptions that we've been having these past few years and I’m tired of having to complain about the service so I am officially ending my subscription this month. The service is so inconsistent and I just can’t take it anymore.

One thing I've noticed about our service lately was that whenever it was windy we lose our connection. Sometimes we’d go days or even weeks without service or we’d have it one minute and lose it the next. It’s so unstable and it just seems so impractical considering that we pay P 999.00 a month for 24 hrs/day service.  Just this holiday season we've only had less than a handful of days with a connection and none of it lasted all day. It's not worth the monthly fees anymore.

I had gone to a Smart Business Center and asked when my contract would end and was told that it ended last November, which means that I can disconnect the service at any time. This month will be that time. The agent I spoke to told me they can lower my monthly fee if I renew but I don’t see how I’d be happy having a lower monthly fee when I can’t even use the service the way I’m supposed to.

I recently signed up for a new service, this time a DSL connection. Hopefully this would be better than being signed up with Smart Bro. I find it so weird that Smart Bro cannot give me a stable connection when I can get data service on a phone with a Smart SIM.

Maybe this DSL thing can give me a more stable service. The whole family needs it. Fingers crossed that this one will work out.


becomingjudie said...

Sorry to hear you severed ties with Smart. As a paying customer, you deserve to get what you're paying for! I also hope your new DSL connection will be worth it. Malapit na naman ang downloads galore ng shows. Hehe.

Clare Henney said...

I really hope this new connection will work out lechemars! Lapit na ng pagbabalik ng mga fave shows natin!