Love Never Dies

I was flipping channels over the weekend when I saw Love Never Dies on HBO. I remember hearing about it being the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera so I decided to watch it.

The story happens years after Phantom and is set in New York. In the sequel Christine and Raoul are now married and have a son named Gustave. She is invited to sing in a New York amusement park and there encounters the Phantom again, who was smuggled into the US by Meg and her mother Madame Giry from Paris years before and was the reason behind the invitation to perform in New York.

It is revealed that Gustave is actually the Phantom’s son and not Raoul’s but because the boy is scared of him, the Phantom asked Christine not to tell their son the truth. Raoul, upon finding out the Phantom’s involvement in the amusement park, decides to leave and asks Christine to go with him. She however makes her choice and stays to sing for the Phantom.

Meanwhile, upon finding out that her love for the Phantom was unrequited, Meg takes Gustave and tries to drown him. The Phantom and Christine go after them and in the struggle Christine is shot. As she lays dying she reveals to Gustave that the Phantom is his real father and she dies. The musical ends with Gustave and the Phantom looking at each other face to face.

While it was nice to see what Andrew Lloyd Webber envisioned for the story of the Phantom and Christine, I was a little disappointed because it lacked the magic that the original musical had. Something felt missing. I think this may have been the reason that the Broadway version was postponed and that this did not get the run that was originally planned elsewhere.

The performers were really good, the production was beautiful and the music was amazing but there was still something missing.  Maybe it's the story...maybe it just felt short for me.  I don't know for sure.  It was just lacking in some parts that I can't describe.

If you watched the original, you may want to watch this sequel.  If not, you would probably not understand where these characters are coming from.  Then again, if you loved the original, you may be a little disappointed because it just cannot compare to it.

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Sally said...

---Good Lloyd Webber music and talented performers, but this show should never have been written and put on a stage. It "disrespects" both the characters of the original and the story itself.

The original show ends with the Phantom finally realizing that his completely selfish pursuit of Christine was all wrong and that real love is unselfish.

His sudden realization leads him after only a very brief pause to let her go with her young man despite how devastating that is for him.

His sacrifice is wiped out and negated when we see him selfishly going right back to being his totally selfish self in LND. Does he do anything in LND that isn't all about HIM? He wants Gustave because the boy is HIS son.

What's missing in this show is a good story and characters that aren't distortions of the ones in Phantom of the Opera--and, oh, the magic of that original show. It was captured once by the original creative team, and an attempt to capture it again was futile from the word "go."