Outside and In

Just decided to share a more personal photo for my photo of the week this time around.

This is a photo taken last week of my younger sister standing outside the house and leaning in through the window.

I'm a very proud Ate (older sister) and I find all of my sisters really beautiful, although this particular sister probably would tell me I'm wrong because she often says she isn't.  I wish she'd believe that she was though.

I was just playing around with the camera when I took this photo.  I thought the lines from the fan, the color from the curtain and the light from the back made this look really pretty -- yes, after just three weeks of my online art class, I am already talking about things like that!

Oh, and did I happen to mention that this sister is pregnant?  I am going to be an aunt again! Third niece or nephew coming up!  I'm excited!

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