Back in the day I remember watching the local version of American Idol (titled Philippine Idol, of course) and becoming a fan of one of the contestants, Pow Chavez. I always thought that she had a voice that could go all the way but she ended up leaving the show early in the competition. That was just too bad considering how beautiful her voice actually is.

According to her Twitter profile, she is “a lesbian titanium-faced dragon boat paddler by dawn; interior designer by day; musical artist (singer/songwriter/performer) by night.” The first description I find is an issue with some people. I think that it’s something that we Filipinos still struggle with. We say we’re not homophobic but in a way I think a lot of us still are. I've seen the comments made on YouTube with videos featuring Pow and it’s disappointing that some choose to heckle her sexual orientation instead of paying attention to the talent that she obviously has. Here’s Pow singing a cover of Tamia’s Officially Missing You:

I recently discovered that Pow is still active in the music business and has gone into the Philippine Hip Hop/Rap scene. My sister later told me that there is actually one song called Biglang Liko (by Ron Henley) that I keep hearing on the radio that I didn't even know she was involved in. I've been used to her singing pop songs when she was on Idol so it didn't register when I heard her voice on a hip-hop track.

I’m glad to know that her talent isn't going to waste. I just wish that the local music scene would give more attention to OPM to give people like her the chance to shine.

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