Can't Help Falling in Love

Travis Wall never fails to choreograph dance numbers that move me.

This interpretation of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson showing Jasmine Mason and Alan Bersten dancing with blindfolds on was so beautiful!

Travis explained that the dance is about showing how love is blind and how you can fall in love with a person without seeing their face and being affected by just their touch. For me the dance took on a whole new meaning: I admired how Jasmine and Alan, in spite of the blindfolds, connected with each other and danced as one throughout the whole piece. You could see so much trust between them in all the movements they had to make because there was no hesitation in their actions – it was just one smooth flowing dance. It was so breathtaking.

To me, the dance was about love. Not necessarily that love is blind, but that love, like the way Jasmine and Alan danced, should be about trust and about a connection. It should be about knowing who you have to be with and where you need to go without seeing the way. For me it says that love is easy and overcome any obstacle if it is truly love. I'd love to have that kind of trust and that kind of love in my life...maybe one day.  Some day, God-willing.

OK, I will stop being a hopeless romantic now. Here’s the dance so you’ll see what I mean:

Photo Source:  Digital Spy

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