On My List

My sisters were talking about Christian Bautista one evening because one of them saw a GMA News show featuring his house and I blurted out something that I have never told anyone: this guy is on my bucket list.

Before you all think of anything funny, he’s on my list because I am a fan. I was a fan since he joined that singing competition on ABS-CBN. He’s probably the only local male singer of his generation that I can say I am a fan of. He’s on my bucket list because I would love to be serenaded by this guy.

I think I got the idea after watching an episode of Oprah where she surprised her best friend Gayle with a serenade from Josh Groban. Since then I’ve had this dream of having the same thing happen to me with Christian Bautista. It would be the most memorable gift to me if friends or family would make something like this happen for me. If a guy I liked did this for me, I’d probably marry him (hahaha).

What song would I want him to sing for me?  As much as I love his first hit, The Way You Look at Me is not my favorite.  I love his song Color Everywhere the most.  That and Everything You Do.  I love She Could Be too but then that would be too upbeat for a serenade. Actually, if he sang Josh Groban's When You Say You Love Me that would make me jump up and down in major kilig too. Yes, talagang pinag-isipan ko ito.  Seryoso akong nasa bucket list ko sya.

To be honest, I have a crush on my fellow Caviteno.  After listening to that voice for years can you blame me?  You can't help but fall in love when you hear him sing!  Plus, have any of you seen him in the Bench Fashion Show? The body isn't bad either! And no, I DON'T want him looking like that when he serenades me, just so we're clear!

Too bad he's taken (by a very pretty lady at that) or I'd ask for more than a serenade (hahaha).  Seriously though, just a serenade would make me go crazy.  I'd probably be breathless if it happened to me. My knees would go weak, my hands would be so cold and clammy with nerves and my heart would beat so fast it would be like I had to mugs of barako coffee.

Anyone out there who knows the guy and is willing to make this happen for me so that I can cross this out of my bucket list?

I'd like to hold on to the Tagalog saying "habang may buhay, may pag-asa" when it comes to this part of my bucket list.  Christian, we will meet someday and I'll get to cross you off my list!

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