They Need to Record Together, ASAP!

Whoever came up with the idea of these two collaborating is a genius. When you think about it, Sarah Geronimo doing a duet with Bamboo Manalac is a crazy idea. After all, they are from completely different genres. Surprise surprise, it works!

I have no idea when this all started but these two definitely have the right chemistry when they are performing together. I first noticed them performing together when they did their version of Just Give Me a Reason on ASAP.

I was impressed with that performance so I went to YouTube to look for any other performances they might have had together. That’s when I found this earlier performance of Rumor Has It from Sarah’s now-defunct weekend show:

If that wasn't enough for me to be impressed, I also found this amazing version of Iris. I will ignore the crazy outfit Sarah has on because the singing is equally insane!

Seriously, these two need to do a CD together. Just one CD either of amazing covers or (even better) really good original OPM songs. If their record labels can work together on this one, I’d definitely be one of the first people in line to buy it!

I'm very happy to see Bamboo doing his own rock version of these pop songs.  I'm really liking this new Bamboo. I liked him before but I like him more now.  I cannot wait for more duets from Sarah and Bamboo.  I do hope they come up with more in the near future.

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Jennie S said...

i agree. they need to do a concert or a cd together. i like their banter in the voice.

loving the new, not suplado bamboo :)