One More Month

It’s been months since my thyroid surgery and if there’s one thing that I miss, it’s exercising. I remember a friend of mine asked me why I missed it and I do admit that sounds weird but I really do. It’s not so much the thought of working out (because my Jillian Michaels mode can be intense) that I miss but the feeling that my body has after that I miss.

I have more energy when I exercise, which is weird because of course one gets tired after a workout. I guess it’s the adrenalin rush and the endorphins that I miss about it. I hate the lethargic feeling I have these days. Yes, I do move around but it’s just different when you work out. Part of me wants to get a massage just so I can get some feeling/circulation on some muscles that are not as active now that I am workout-free.

Next month I can finally get back to my workouts and it sounds crazy but I can’t wait for it! Don't worry friends, I'm not going to overdo it.  I'll just start with some simple yoga exercises before moving back to Jillian Michaels mode.  The important thing is getting back the energy I need and want with exercise.  Losing weight because of it will be a plus too -- I've turned into a Miss Piggy since the surgery and I just want to lose all the weight I've gained since then!

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KAI said...

I had no idea you had surgery, I hope recovery is progressively well. I'm trying to get my rhythm together when it comes to working out. I set up a lift bench infront of the TV in my living room and I'm also looking for a used cycling station. lol just to start with, why not! i may need a few tips down the road :)