Goodbye 2013

In just a few hours, 2013 will be a thing of the past. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it always goes by too fast when you’re too busy to enjoy the better things in life.

This past year has had its ups and downs, but I am grateful that I am still here and I am (hopefully) a better person because of it. I feel bad that when I look back, a lot of my time has been spent working (or thinking about work) when I should be doing things I enjoy, spending more time with people I love and being more than just a drone whose work hours has taken over her entire life. As people often say at the end of the year, I resolve to be better…that’s the most I can promise anyway. Realizing the things that matter and the things that need to be done to make my life more fulfilling, I can only resolve to make them a priority in the coming year. As a friend of mine once said, “Ang martyr, binabaril sa Bagumbayan (sorry Rizal).” I can’t let my work take over. We shouldn’t live to work. That’s not the purpose of our lives. We work to make a living…so that we can LIVE. I need to remember that next year (or starting tomorrow to be more precise).

It’s been a crazy year. Check out how it has been:

January – I attended the anniversary celebration of a priest who is a close friend of my mother’s side of the family. I’ve always admired that priest and even if I have only spent time with him maybe once or twice, I knew that he was a very good man who dedicated his life to God and to others. Sadly, he died later this year just when he was about to retire. I guess God decided it was time and that he had fulfilled his purpose in life. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and get to know him…and I hope that I can fulfill God’s purpose for me as well.

February – I met several new friends this month, some of whom I still keep in touch with and hold close to my heart today. I am thankful that my life, in spite of living in the province, has allowed me to meet so many people from different walks of life. I am grateful to learn more about life, people and myself from everyone I meet.

March – My thyroid surgery happened late that month. I didn’t know if the nodules that were on my thyroid were cancerous or not and wouldn’t know until after they were removed. This was the moment I felt like an adult the most because I had to take care of everything myself: money for surgery, I went to laboratory tests on my own, went to see three doctors and all the other things one needs to do for this kind of thing. I did a lot of growing up that month. I realized my faith was stronger than I thought it was too.

April – This was the month that I found out that my nodules were benign. That was a big relief and a new lease in life. If it had been cancer I don’t even know where I would begin to take care of things. I help my family out financially whenever I can and if I couldn’t do that, I would not only feel bad about being sick but about not being able to be there for my family like I used to. Thankfully, results were negative and I thank God for that.

May – I was able to spend time with my niece and nephew during the summer. These two (well, three now since the third one was born in December) are the loves of my life. I love how, childish tantrums aside, are the sweetest kids I know. I always thought that I’d have kids by now but having my pamangkins more than makes up for that.

June – I went through a phase of depression during this month. I think people with thyroid issues would understand going through this because of how our hormones affect our moods/feelings. It was a tough time but I’m grateful that I was able to get through it with the help of friends who were only one instant message away every time.

July – I took an online Art Appreciation class and for the first time since 2009, I finished an online course! I was happy being able to dabble in the arts again. It wasn’t the kind of class that I expected but it was still a fun learning experience. It felt good to focus on something other than work and to get workplace issues out of my head at the end of the day. It helped me to realize how much I love and miss this (creative) side of myself. It’s something I hope that I can focus on in 2014.

August – I shook the hand of Fabio Cannavarro! I shook the hand of Fabio Cannavarro! Thank you Clear for bringing him here! (Obviously, that is all I can say about this month!)

September – I took on a Gratitude Challenge for my blog during this month. I have to admit it was difficult at first to see what I was supposed to be grateful for (I was a little on the depressive side again that month) but after a while, I got the hang of it and it really helped me to feel better about myself and the things happening around me. Thanks Russ for suggesting this!

October – I got a new phone this month. I won it from the online contest of The Pickiest Eater – my first time to win a gadget from a contest! I’m usually not that lucky with these things so that was pretty amazing! Being able to finally meet Richie aka The Pickiest Eater after following his blogs since 2003 was also the highlight of this month!

November – One of the busiest months I’ve had at work. My experiences during this time made me realize that I have grown up a lot in the past few years. I handle stressful situations better now and I have learned to adjust/adapt to things as I go along. As Tim Gunn often said on Project Runway, “It is what it is, make it work.” – I did exactly that during this packed month. I made it work and I’m just happy that month is OVER!

December – My nephew Kyler was born this month. After a stressful past month seeing the newest addition to our family was the big pause/sigh of relief that I was looking for. Just seeing him healthy and so beautiful is enough to make me smile. Being able to spend time with my other pamangkins this month was also a blessing. I cherish every moment I have with the kids because I know time will go by so fast and they’ll be grown up soon enough. I don’t have children of my own so I want to be able to enjoy their childhood with them as much as I can.

One big thing that I learned a lot about this year is who I am…the kind of person I am and the kind of person I’ve become. This is the year that I began to see the difference between me and people around me. With everyone going with the flow, I started to see how different I am from “the crowd.” I realized it was time to take a more solid stand on who I am and the kind of person I want to be. I started to do that this year and I plan on continuing to do so next year. Becoming true to myself and not caring what other people think seems to be more and more important (and healthier) as you get older. I hope that I can continue to do that in 2014.

I hope and pray for a better 2014 for all of us. To you my dear readers (all 5 of you, lol) thank you for taking the time to read this far...I hope I can blog worthwhile entries for you in the coming year.

Happy New Year! God bless!

Photo Source: Yoga Gardens SF


Russ R. said...

I hope the guy who dreams will find you this year. You are a fighter and you have a good heart. I could only wish you happiness and yes, LOVE!

Clare Henney said...

Thank you Russ. :) Happy New Year!

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