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The art geek in me was excited when I found out that The British Library and The Getty Museum have opened up their collections online as part of their open content programs.

I know that you can look up specific works of art online (duh, Google) but I think it’s amazing when you can check out what is in specific institutions and look at them collectively instead of searching for works of art individually.

Here’s one example of one of the materials that can be found from the Flickr page of The British Library:

This is from page 10 of Rose Mortimer, The Ballet Girl’s Revenge. More information is on this is here.

This next one is from The Getty Museum:

Called Triumph of Chastity, this is a piece from Francesco di Giorgio Martini from between 1463-1468.

It's good that these places have decided to share their collections this way. I think it's not only educational but will also help tourists who love to visit museums to know what to expect when they visit (or to know which places to visit, if they want to see anything specific up close).

I wonder if there are any other places doing the same thing. I'd love to explore their collections too!

Photo Source: The British Library, The Getty Museum

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