Living Eco Friendly with Lauren Singer

January 09, 2017

One thing that I aspire to do is to be able to live in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Living eco friendly is something I aim and try to do daily. What I do, however, is not enough because I know I can do better -- but living environmentally friendly is not as simple as it sounds. Still, it can be done. Lauren Singer, who owns the blog Trash is for Tossers, is proof of that.

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I have heard of Lauren in passing from a news article but I only learned more about her and her blog when I saw her as a guest on The Rachael Ray Show. Seeing how she lived her zero-waste life and how she managed the waste produced in her everyday life is admirable: she brings fabric bags for shopping. She brings her own glass cup for when she buys coffee outside. She stores food in fabric and stores items in mason jars. She composts her food scraps. She buys items that can be recycled and makes sure to buy and use products that can be stored in jars or fabric instead of buying them stored in plastic. Even her toothbrush, made of bamboo, is environmentally friendly!

An Environmental Studies graduate from NYU, Lauren is only 25 years old and yet she has been able to lead this eco friendly lifestyle for years (at least four, if I’m not mistaken). She even showed this small mason jar where she has kept all the trash that she has accumulated in the last two years. Wow, that jar is probably much less than what I produce in a day (an embarrassing thought on my end).  This is a person who walks the walk. I always talk about wanting to do my share for the environment but I don’t know if I could go as far as she does.

For one thing, it’s so difficult to buy things where I’m from that does not have plastic. Take food for example: yes, there are ways to avoid it as much as I can like buying vegetables from the market but the rest: meat, fish, chicken, spices, eggs…everything else is in plastic. There is no place to buy it without it. I wish there were. I’d buy from that store if it existed.

Then there’s hygiene and beauty products. Where can I buy soap, shampoo, deodorant etc. without plastic? Lauren makes her own products, from soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent and all that. She has even started her own company that makes these items that are made as environmentally-friendly as possible. I wish it was that simple for me.

I think the challenge of the zero-waste lifestyle is making that extra effort to ensure that you are living environmentally friendly. Bringing that fabric bag, that glass cup, the reusable straw and utensils, that’s easy. Getting the stores to allow you to put things in the bag, in the cup, allow you to use the reusable straw and utensils, now that’s the challenge. Finding a place to buy items you can put in a jar or wrap in fabric, finding toiletries you can buy packed in a similar way – now that’s the challenge. If someone can tell me where I can do that here in the Philippines, particularly in places outside of the Metro, I would appreciate the heads up.

If I had the chance to meet Lauren Singer, I would have so many questions about this zero-waste lifestyle. I would love to show her where I live and how I can change my lifestyle and adapt it to something like hers. It’s insane the number of questions I have in my head for this girl!

It blows my mind how someone so young could achieve this kind of lifestyle and how someone like me is having issues with it (don’t even get me started on buying second hand clothing). I love the environment and I would like to do my part but I admit I am guilty of not committing the way she has.

If you want to learn more about Lauren and living eco friendly, you can check out her blog, her Facebook account, her YouTube channel and her Instagram.

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