Bring Them Back to Late Night!

July 28, 2017

(This is an old entry from an old blog, edited/updated for this one. Enjoy!)

Whatever happened to late night talk shows? I remember when I was younger that Martin Nievera and Edu Manzano both had talk shows that I used to enjoy watching even if they were really late at night. For a time, these shows were popular but for some reason they just disappeared. Why did they disappear anyway? Am I the only one who enjoyed these shows back in the day?

I think Jojo Alejar has his own talk show on TV 5 (is it still airing? I’m not so sure…) but that’s just about it. The last person who had something on late at night was Kuya Germs and his Walang Tulugan show, but that was a different type of late night program entirely.

late night
This always reminds me of Late Night shows -- photo from Splashi on

The US has its share of late night talk shows which I enjoy watching. Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Jimmy Fallon (OMG all their names start with a J…is this a thing?) all have really great talk shows in the US. Maybe one day we could have versions of here in the Philippines. I’d love to see local (and maybe if we’re lucky, foreign) celebrities stop by to chat about themselves and what they’re up to in a non-showbiz intrigue kind of way. Nothing controversial, just a non-scripted conversation and some funny antics here and there (like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke or Jimmy Fallon’s Lipsync Battle). I often wondered why we could have that locally.

I wish they could bring back the whole talk show scene in local TV. I loved how Martin and Edu were very witty, funny and entertaining as they interviewed their various guests on a whole range of topics. I loved that their talk shows were not gossip shows. They reminded me of the talk shows in the US. I know both Edu and Martin did not come from standup comedy like most of the late-night show hosts in the US but I know based on what I’ve seen from their old shows that both could hold their own in the late-night hosting department.

Watching Edu Manzano on GMA 7 reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching him talk on his late-night show from many years ago. It also made me wonder where Martin Nievera is right now (seriously, where is he?). Why can’t local TV stations like GMA 7 and ABS-CBN give us similar late-night talk shows today? If Martin and Edu are no longer available, are there any other local celebrities who can do the same kind of shows today? Is there no one willing? Is there no market for it?

Is the local late-night talk show scene just not going to work anymore? I think it’s sad if that’s the case because I really wish we could graduate from having interviews with celebrities be all about gossip. I think we need less gossip and more talk. I want more conversations, more showing of a more natural side to celebrities, something that would show them more as people like you and me that we can talk to. Vice Ganda’s Gandang Gabi Vice is the closest we have to a late-night talk show that has that spontaneous conversation vibe that I’m looking for but I wish we had more.

Here's an ad for the resurrection of Martin Nievera's talk show, Martin Late at Night. From what I remember it didn't last long though. I couldn't find one for Edu Manzano's talk shows so this is all I can share:

Can Martin and Edu please come back to late night? Can ABS-CBN or GMA 7 please discover new talents who can bring back late-night talk shows? I saw Christian Bautista on GMA Network's Artistambayan Livestream and he seems to be someone who could do the job if he ever chose to.

I’d really love to see these types of shows locally again! Can someone do this please?

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