Cafe Loukas

August 01, 2017

I’ve loved coffee for such a long time. I was a kid when my grandmother made me taste my first brewed coffee. When the Korean drama Coffee Prince came along, I became fascinated with the concept of a cute coffee shop. Since then my definition of a coffee shop became something less formal compared to some cafes I have been to but also less commercial compared to the more popular coffee places today.

One thing that I look for in a coffee shop these days is something that reminds me of the one in Coffee Prince, something with a cute café shop design, something that also has that homey, earthy feel similar to the café in the movie Coffee Shop.

cafe loukas

I recently found one café in Naic, Cavite that fits the bill. Café Loukas is a small café that sits on top of a supermarket in the town proper of Naic. I found out about it on Facebook and when my nephew and niece asked me if we could go there, I could not resist giving it a try.

cafe loukas

Café Loukas is so cute: the steps leading up to the café are painted with coffee icons and once you enter the place you are greeted by a very clean and very pretty and Instagram-worthy area. I don’t think that there is any corner of the place that is not photogenic. The kids liked it, I did too.

cafe loukas

As the coffee addict, it was but natural that the first thing I checked out was their coffee. Their selection includes hot coffees: Brewed, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso and Americano. They also have blended coffees: Mocha Frappe, Java Chip, Iced Caramel Latte, Iced Chocolate Latte.


iced caramel latte

For those with a sweet tooth they have Choco nut, Choco chip, Vanilla Caramel, Choco caramel and Cookies and Cream along with a selection of fruit smoothies. I tried their Cappuccino and the kids tried the Iced Caramel Latte. The Cappuccino was pretty good. I would have loved a bigger serving but otherwise, I liked it. The kids didn’t have complaints with their drinks either.



The café had its fair share of food selections. They had appetizers that I’m not quite sure fit into a café (nachos and quesadillas seem more for a Mexican place than a café) but we ordered them anyway and they were OK. The quesadillas could have used a bit more flavor, but it wasn’t so bad. There was a selection of pasta, sandwiches and rice meals (?!) on the menu. I thought it would be odd to order rice so we had pasta instead. The Creamy Chicken Pesto and their Carbonara were good and were big servings considering the price.




There were several pastries on display that were not on the menu – I guess the selection changes every day so there could be some variety. I shouldn’t be surprised because the café is apparently owned by the same people who own Vanilla Bean, a bakeshop that makes really good bread and pastries (note: I have no idea where that bakeshop is but someone once gave me a box of pastries from that place and I LOVED them).

My only beef with the place was that when we were there, there were flies that constantly buzzed around and interrupted our meal, which the people at the café apologized for profusely. Given that it was on top of a supermarket where there were fish vendors selling their products outside I guess it was to be expected. Still, I wish there weren’t any flies. They tried to do their best to make them go away but they were still there.

It was a bit odd that their policy was for you to order and pay at the counter even if they handed you menus at the table. I think having a menu board would be a better option so that the customers would not be confused by the menus being handed at the table. Other than that though, I have no other complaints.

Overall Café Loukas is worth the trip over. Food and drink are reasonably priced and the ambiance (flies aside) is pleasant. I wouldn’t be rushing back for more but I would love to go back one of these days for coffee again.

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