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Monday, February 19, 2018

Joei and Me

Way back in 2003, I was introduced to and started blogging. There weren’t that many people that I knew back then so I was following a select few who were posting about things that I had a similar interest in. Blogging back then was about sharing our interests and our experiences and thoughts. I guess you can say it is still the same today but with the whole social media “influencer” component, it has become quite different. 

That being said, blogging back then wasn’t exactly what it is like now and most of the people that I started following back in the day are no longer blogging (or prefer to do it on a private, invite-only blog). A few of the bloggers who remained have become what I would say are blogging stars, people who have had their blogs featured on TV and magazines. One of those bloggers is Joei, who is behind the blog Joei & Me

Screenshot of Joei and Me website/blog

Joei & Me is a lifestyle blog that focuses on Travel, Food, Fashion, and Beauty. I always enjoy reading her entries because I feel that the way she shares her experiences is different from other lifestyle blogs. I don’t feel like it’s a promotional thing, which I suppose comes from her experience from the early blogging days. Reading her entries makes me feel like I’m reading about a friend telling me about her adventures.  

Being someone who has been living outside of the Metro for years, it feels good to be able to catch up on things happening in the more urban areas (as opposed to my undeniably rural setting). It makes me feel like I can go to the city and not be too overwhelmed with everything new. I can go out and still know where would be a good place to go for things (more importantly, for good restaurants in the city). It’s good to feel updated on these things. 

One thing that I admire about Joei’s blog is that she manages to share things without going too personal – something that I always struggle with on my blog. She still shares some personal things (like her engagement and her wedding) but she also manages to draw a line where she can maintain a certain amount of privacy for herself.  

I remember someone talking to me years ago about blogging saying that there is a certain level of narcissism about bloggers because they enjoy talking about themselves to the point of oversharing. It can be argued that people don’t understand that bloggers only share what they want people to see and that bloggers still draw the line on what remains private and what is for public consumption. I think Joei does that very well on her blog. I don’t know if I am capable of that, but I am trying. 

Screencap of Joei and Me website/blog

Joei does not blog regularly: some months may have more than five, some may have less than that. I don’t mind it at all since there are times when I don’t have time to catch up on blogs myself so it’s good that I don’t need to check it out daily to be able to keep myself updated.  

If you ever visit Joei’s blog, please leave a comment on her entries and let her know I sent you her way! 

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