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Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Morning Beauty Routine

Lately, I’ve been reading several blogs and it seems that it’s a popular trend to share beauty routines with their followers. I thought it was interesting so maybe I should give it a try. A little side note before I start: I’m not really a high-maintenance kind of girl so my beauty routine might be a little too basic for those who follow those intricate tutorials on YouTube. I guess you can say that if you want a no-frills routine, this could be one you'd be interested to follow. 

morning beauty routine
The products I use...and no, this is not a paid post! (Photo Credit: Zalora)

Step 1: Start with a Clean Face 

This is pretty much common sense but I think I need to mention this just the same. You need a clean canvas (so to speak) before you put anything on your face. It wouldn't look good and it would most likely be bad for your skin.  

Normally I only use a facial wash (Ponds Pure White Facial Wash, the only brand I've ever used) to clean my face but on days when I have breakouts, I also use St. Joan Anti-Bacterial Facial Cleanser. It does a great job clearing up my skin when I need it!  

Step 2: Moisturize 

One thing that I started doing in my 20s was moisturizing my face. I think that it is very important to moisturize to avoid wrinkles and skin damage. I'm not getting any younger and I need the extra help to keep my skin looking young.  I have been using Olay Total Effects religiously for years, although I do switch it up with St. Joan Sorbolene Moisturizer from time to time when I feel like my skin needs some extra care (it does wonders when my skin feels extra dry).  

Step 3: BB Cream 

I don't know when I started using BB Cream, but I can't seem to go without it these days. I've tried other brands before but lately, I have been using Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick (Fresh) as my primer.  The cream version is just as good, but I've been partial to the BB Stick because it's easier to carry around and apply. I love using this product because when I don't feel like wearing makeup I sometimes just put this on and that's it. I once went on an impromptu hike and all I had was this product on my face – I got to the top and was surprised that my face still looked fresh like I had just freshened up. I can count on this to keep my face looking fresh and clean even on busy days. I don't even need a concealer that much since it covers my blemishes already. 

Step 4: Powder 

Like I said, I find that the BB cream/stick is usually enough if I want to go light. But to be sure, I dab on some Maybelline Clear Smooth powder on my T-zone areas and under my eyes just to keep the oily bits and dark circles in check.  

Step 5: Eyes 

I don't do anything for my eyes that much, just a swipe or two of Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon to define my brows – hypothyroidism has caused me to have thinning eyebrows and it is not that pretty without me making them look as even as I can. If I had more time and if I wasn't too lazy, I'd use more product to define my brows but I find that the crayon is enough to do what's needed without taking too much effort on my part. 

Step 6: Blush 

I used to be the type that used a lot of powder blush, but these days using a lip/cheek stain has been my go-to blush. I use the Earth & Eve 8-hour Lip and Cheek Stain to dab tint on my face, usually doing the whole drunk blush look (because I'm obsessed with that right now). It always seems to look so natural on me and I love that!

Step 7: Lips 

For my lips, normally I just opt for a tinted lip balm from Maybelline but sometimes I also put on some lipstick. My favorite shade right now is Maybelline Powder Matte in Make Me Blush. The color is very natural and it goes well with the drunk blush look that I love to put on.

Et voila! That is my low-maintenance, no-frills, and "no makeup" beauty routine. This is what I usually do for a normal day out to work. Don't get me wrong, I do put on more if necessary but for the most part, I go makeup-free if I can (which is why I love rest days).  

This is a routine that works for me. Do you think it can work for you too? 

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