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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Brave

Hi everyone. My name is Clare and I am a couch potato. I love staying at home to catch up on my favorite shows and to discover new ones. Thank goodness for streaming sites/services or I wouldn’t be able to catch up on all of them on cable TV.

DND-mode when watching TV. That's kind of my thing. (Photo from Pixabay)

One of the shows that had me hooked lately is the American military drama called The Brave. I’m not a big fan of military shows, but since there has been a lot of them on TV lately I decided to watch them all and see if something sticks. In the Philippines, people can watch these shows on cable: Seal Team and Valor are on AXN while The Brave is on Cinemax.

Out of the three that I’ve seen so far, The Brave is the show that became my favorite. I’d like to say that it was because of the familiar faces of Anne Heche and Mike Vogel (who I remember from my favorite Hallmark movie In My Dreams), but that’s not true since there are also familiar faces on Seal Team (David Boreanaz) and Valor (Matt Barr). It could be because of the whole girl power thing, but then The Brave’s Jaz also has her contemporaries in both Seal Team and Valor. I don’t know why exactly, but I just found myself more attached to the characters and stories in The Brave.

The Brave is a show about a special ops squad that is composed of five highly-trained specialists that go on undercover missions all over the world. Each episode highlights the talents of each member of the team: Dalton (Mike Vogel) as team leader, Jaz a sniper, McG the medic, Amir the intelligence officer and Preach as Dalton’s right-hand man. I think it was actually seeing how bad-ass (for lack of a better term) Jaz (Natascha Karam) was that initially made me hooked to the show. Then, of course, there was also the good looks and charm of McG (Noah Mills) that eventually reeled me in. The biggest thing for me however was how I could not get over how every episode seems to tease the simmering chemistry between Jaz and Dalton – hopefully, the show can get a second season so we can see that develop a little more. I’d ship that!

Episodes usually feature a specific mission so it’s not difficult to catch up if you’ve missed one, which I think would probably be the one thing that could either hurt or help the show. If you’re not missing much in one and it’s easy to catch up on the next episode, that could be good because some people don’t like having to work back from other episodes to understand the new one. But then, if there is not much story built on that grows in every episode, viewers won’t get as attached to the characters enough to keep watching. 

I think that The Brave does a good job with the missions that it presents but it could use a bit more in terms of showing the personal side of the characters. While I’m not really interested in the show going too much into their personal lives, it would help to see more of what made these characters be the people they are. Give them more depth and show experiences that people can relate to. They seem to show bits and pieces about the characters in every episode but for me, it might be a bit too little to get attached to.  

The episodes and the missions featured are exciting and always show how well-trained each of the characters is in their field. While the two-episode finale might be the big episodes for the show, I liked the two-episode story where Jaz was kidnapped the best. That was very exciting! 

I heard that the cast and producers won’t have a final announcement about a second season until May, but the things I’ve been reading online have not been promising. Apparently, it goes up against The Good Doctor on its timeslot so it has been suffering in the ratings in the US. I think that it’s a good show, but given how many times The Good Doctor has tugged at my heart with its stories, it really is a tough show to be competing with.

Hopefully, we get to see a new season of The Brave later this year. I hope their network decides to give them another shot because I would love to know if Preach (who at the end of the season was in a coma) makes it or not and if Dalton and Jaz will act on what I think is an attraction and undeniable chemistry with each other. If not, I hope to see this group of actors in other shows in the future because I will really miss seeing them on TV.  


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