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Monday, March 5, 2018

Digital Loss

Last year I kept putting off buying an external hard drive to back up my photos, videos, and documents. I thought those things were just too expensive for me and that there was still enough space for my files on my laptop. I had been planning to upload everything on the cloud since I have a cloud account with a large file space but with the way internet speeds are these days, I haven't gotten around to it.

When my year-end bonus came along I decided to finally buy myself that hard drive. A friend of mine said that Seagate was a good brand, so I bought that from Lazada. I was happy because I got it at a discounted price and it was big enough to fit all my files (and then some). It was two days after Christmas when I finally transferred all my files to the new hard drive. The following day I tested the drive and was satisfied that it was working. Still, I did my best to be careful with the drive and kept it in the case it was delivered in and I put it in the bubble wrap-filled envelope it came in.

Imagine my surprise when just two days later it would not work. My laptop could not detect it at all. I asked our office IT guy and I was told that the drive was corrupted. He couldn't explain why since I was very careful with how I handled it, but he said I could not recover anything from the drive anymore. Nothing. Nada. Not a single file.

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I couldn't breathe. All my files were there. Photos and videos of the family and friends from the last 18 years, including ones that included my father, who had already passed away. Friends have suggested that I return the drive since it had a warranty, but I don't want to. How can I when it has all my personal files/information? That's too much of a risk. It's an identity theft problem waiting to happen!

I know I can report this to Lazada but what's the point, they will probably just ask me to return the drive (which I won't) and give me a replacement (which I will be scared to use). Even if they did pay me for my trouble, it won't bring back the memories that I lost from using the drive I bought from them. No price can make up for that. A friend of mine speculated that the drive might be old stock and said that could affect the quality of the drive (is that true?). Maybe that’s why it was on sale. Note to self: learn to doubt sales, go for quality over the lower price range.

At first, I thought that maybe there's still something I could do. I let someone open the drive (like I said, I don’t care about the warranty) because I was hoping that maybe there was something wrong inside that could be fixed but there wasn't. I got our work IT guy to consult several other technicians and they all said that there was no chance of recovering anything on the drive. Unless someone has a miracle new solution/ technology that could read my drive and transfer my files to a new external hard drive (with me watching to ensure that none of my personal data is copied), I think I will have to accept that this is a loss I cannot fix.

As I said in an earlier post, I’m just going to take this as a message not to look back to the past too much but to move forward and face the future. As the saying goes, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. It is what it is, move on. I can't get over the fact that I lost so much, but I will choose to learn from it.

OK...moving on. From now on this will be my mantra: The cloud is your friend. You can trust the cloud. Anyone else agrees with me?

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