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Friday, March 2, 2018

When Your Nephew is From The Juans...

(A post from a year ago, reposting for the benefit of those looking for this entry!)

Growing up, my parents made sure that members of their respective families were always welcome at our house. They would stay for vacations during the summer or even live with us while they were in the process of moving from one place to another. One cousin of mine once lived with us for a while when I was younger with two of her boys. One of them is now grown up and a member of a local band signed with Viva Records.

Jason De Mesa, The Juans
The Tita and the Pamangkin

Jason De Mesa is one of the members of The Juans, a not-so-typical boy band that is making a name of itself in the local music scene. All the members of the band harmonize well together (as can be seen on YouTube) but that’s where the similarities to the typical boy band end. These guys can all play musical instruments and, as my sister Rain can attest, they have amazing talent and charisma onstage that made her a fan right after watching them live. Jason plays the bass and is a back-up vocalist, although I have seen videos from their gigs where he sings a couple of songs on his own.

It’s a bit weird knowing that I have a nephew who is in “showbiz.” Someone who does TV interviews, has fans, music videos, and goes to awards shows and all that. To me and the rest of the family, he is still that (slightly annoying/makulit) playful little boy who later grew up interested in playing the guitar and singing. My sisters call him Tat, I call him Richard. To the rest of the world apparently, it’s Jason. It’s all the same person. For the sake of my sanity while writing this entry, allow me to call him Richard.

Even with the new life he has, it was touching to know that he hasn’t changed much. On New Year’s Day last year, he traveled with his mom and sister to see our family. He did the same thing on his birthday, one of the few days he has off, this time bringing his bandmate Daniel along with him and his mom and sister.

It was nice to be able to catch up with him when he came to visit. I think the entire family was screaming when his family surprised us with a visit last year. I remember rushing down the stairs to greet them because it had been a long time since we last saw each other.

Jason De Mesa - The Juans
From one of the "surprise visits"

Having a nephew in showbiz has its perks when it comes to getting insider info on celebrities (what they're like and stuff like that), particularly with the ones that his band has been able to work with. I think the last time he was at our house was at the height of the popularity of the TV show On the Wings of Love so I was asking him a lot about James Reid and Nadine Lustre since The Juans has had concerts with the love team because they are all under the management of Viva.

I haven’t been able to see him and The Juans perform live yet, but my mom and sister have. Hopefully one of these days my schedule and their gig days would finally match up so I can go and see the band.  While some of their songs are a bit too young for me, there are some tracks that I do enjoy listening to so I would probably be OK even if I’ll be surrounded by girls much younger than me who are fans of the band. I heard they also sing some cover songs when they play their gigs so I’m sure that I’d enjoy that.

I can’t help but feel proud of the career that Richard has with The Juans.  I think it’s great that he gets to do something he loves and makes a living that way (I wish we could all be that lucky). I hope that their band becomes even more successful in the years to come.  My family and I may not be able to be at their gigs and we may not see him and his family that often, but we will always be supportive of him and are happy for him.

Have any of you heard of The Juans? Have you been to their shows? If you have, please share your experience with me, I’d love to hear about it!

Here's one of their songs called Nasayang Lang. I love this one, I hope you all enjoy this one too!


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