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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thomas and Friends Games

My young nephew is a big fan of the Thomas & Friends characters. For some reason, he isn’t interested in superheroes and other cartoon characters, he just loves vehicles and trains in particular. It is because of this interest that I tried to look for Thomas & Friends games and other train games online that he would love. I was looking for something that would be entertaining but would also be educational at the same time – if that was in any way possible.

I’m an android user so I search for the games on Google Play. Most of the Thomas & Friends games that I found were from a company called Budge, and all the games involve add-ons that require payment. I’ve read reviews of people complaining about these expensive additional items but I’ve found that it’s more practical to purchase the add-ons as a set to save money. I think that the price is still less expensive compared to buying all the Thomas & Friends characters as toys so it’s not that bad.

The first game that I downloaded for my nephew was Thomas & Friends Express. The game involves using the characters to deliver either people or items to the party all around the island of Sodor to Sir Topham Hatt’s party. It’s a simple game where you control the train forward and backward and click on certain items along the way to pick them up. Once all deliveries are made to the party, other trains can be chosen, but you would have to pay for them to use. Otherwise, you can opt to play the game all over again. Considering that this is a game for young children who don’t really see the difference between one delivery from another, it hasn’t been something that I had to buy add-ons for just yet. My nephew is content with just driving the train around and making deliveries until he gets tired of it.

The second game we tried was Gogo Thomas. This has one player and two-player games that involve two trains racing against each other on various tracks/locations. The add-ons for this game are the trains that can be used for two-player games. I opted for the entire set at less than P550.00. My nephew loves being able to choose the trains that he can play against each other and he hasn’t gotten tired of the game yet so I think the add-on was worth the money. This by far is his favorite. I’ve downloaded another game but he still goes back to this one. I think this is mostly because it doesn’t take too long to complete since it’s a race. The other games involve deliveries and driving around a track that takes a while. Kids have such short attention spans so this was the best game for that.

The last game I downloaded was Thomas & Friends Magic Tracks. This one involved driving the train around a track while slowly setting up the island of Sodor by accomplishing certain tasks. Again, this is a game that you can play for a while before you have to need the add-ons. The island slowly gets certain structures after every accomplishment but you run out of free structures after several tasks are completed. You need to buy the add-ons to get the rest. We got the complete set and now my nephew is learning to make decisions, learn left and right, and other things that the game makes the player do. Of the three this I think is the most educational one – but don’t think that it will teach your child a lot, it’s still mostly a game/form of entertainment.

So far, my nephew is happy with the games. In fact, it’s the first thing that he asks for whenever I let him use my tablet. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t get tired of the games anytime soon since I’ve spent money on the add-ons for two of the games.

Should you download and purchase the add-ons? Not necessarily. I think games can be played without them. If the child is not a big fan of the Thomas & Friends characters, using the add-ons will not be a big deal anyway. I think that the train games are all OK for kids and I’d recommend them to parents (or aunts like me) who have kids who love trains.

If I were to rate the games as a set, I’d give it four out of five stars. They’re good, entertaining, and somewhat educational but they are not life-changing enough to be a five. It’s good but not crazy good, you know what I mean?

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