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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Summer Be Gone!

Summer is not my season. I’ve never enjoyed it. It’s too hot, it’s too humid…you can see steam from the pavement and you can feel the hot air suffocating you whenever you go out of the house. It’s never been my thing. I think I need to move to another country. I heard the UK weather is the kind that would fit me. Too bad I can’t live there permanently (or can I?).

so hot even in the shade...

My friends love the summer. They love going out to the beach and indulging in all these outdoor activities fit for the weather. They always try to include me in their plans. I try my best, on the other hand, to avoid them. It’s just not my thing. I’m too fussy, especially if sand is involved. I hate the feeling of it being stuck to my clothes and I don’t enjoy swimming in saltwater. Give me a chlorine-filled pool anytime (although even with that I can be picky…I prefer private pools). Beaches are not my thing. Not even Boracay could change my mind about that.

The only thing that I like about the summer season is that I don’t have my old-person issues bothering me. When it gets cold, and I mean really cold, I get pain in my hands. Some friends suggested that it’s probably carpal tunnel from working on a computer for so many years but I’m thinking it’s arthritis. Then again, isn’t that the same thing?

This is actually a new one for me. The pain – where I feel like the cold seeps into my veins and causes unimaginable pain in my hands -- started last year (this is what I get for always writing I guess). I cried the first time that it happened. It was at night and I woke up to the pain that would not go away. I wanted to drain all the blood from the veins of my hands – it was that painful! I don't know how to describe it...let me put it this way: my threshold for pain is very high but this pain still made me cry (oh look, that rhymed!).

The pain doesn’t happen often, only when the cold is a bit on the extreme side. I think I only had it a couple of times last year. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing a doctor about it because I can’t accept that I probably have to take additional medication for this (as if my current lineup of meds is not enough). I’d rather lay off the meds because I think I’m taking way too much already for my other medical issues, but I can’t help but want to take some when the pain gets to be too much. 

With temperatures rising to 39C, you can’t blame me for not liking summer that much. You already have a fever with a temperature like that! So, despite the arthritic hands, I still prefer the cold season. The rainy season, to be more precise. 

I love the sound of rain falling on the ground. I love watching it fall from my bedroom window. I love the cold breeze that comes with the season. Even the stormy kind of rain feels good to me, calming even (as long as it doesn’t cause flooding and power outages). That’s my kind of weather. That is the weather that I love and gives me comfort. 

I can’t wait for the summer to be over. I’d love to see more rain soon. I'd take a couple of painful nights if it means having it back. There's always Flanax, right?


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