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Friday, July 13, 2018

America's Next Top Model Season 24

I don’t know if anybody else has been watching this on Fox Life Channel here in Asia, but that’s where I have been catching up on my guilty pleasure: America’s Next Top Model. Unlike the previous season that resurrected the show that was hosted by Rita Ora, this one is again hosted by the original host and producer of the show, Tyra Banks.

ANTM is a show that I have enjoyed watching since the first season. I’ve come to enjoy how creative and crazy the ideas can get when it comes to their challenges and photoshoots but what I look forward to the most are the Ty-Overs, makeovers that Tyra Banks and her team give to the aspiring models. I love how much the models can change their looks during these makeovers. Some of the models own it and it makes a huge difference with the way they work but for others, it becomes the beginning of the end because they can’t accept the change given to them and do not take advantage of the new look given to them, which is too bad.

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This season, I love the fact that one of the models was a 40-something mother and former model. I liked the message that Tyra has sent in the past by welcoming plus-size, transgender, and male models into the show, and now that they are saying that you can be a model at any age. It sends that message that beauty is not limited to the young and I like that. 

I don’t want to get too much into the show in case anyone else is catching up with it like me (you can find out who won if you Google it though because I did) but the show is as catty as ever. One model has talked back to the judges and has such an attitude that makes me wonder why, if she is so good, did she need the show in the first place. There are also the usual girls who think they are better and at another level compared to everyone else who, thankfully, do not end up winning (one of them says she is part-Filipina, but she doesn’t look like it). Then there are, of course, those girls who you just can’t help but like and root for from the get-go. Personally, my favorite for this season has been Khrystyana. I hope that she finds success after the show because I think she is a good model and is one of the nicer girls in the competition.

One thing that I can’t help but wonder about ANTM is how this show can keep coming up with something new so that every season doesn’t seem like the same thing over and over. I think they’ve done it all, so much so that some of the challenges they’ve done are the same as previous seasons. They’ve added plus-size models, trans models, male models, and older models. They’ve done US vs the UK. How far can they go to shake things up? Is it time to (again) retire the show? I just feel that there need to be some changes with the show (apart from the judges and the team they work with during shoots). They need to freshen it up. 

ANTM has been around for so long and I love the show but even I must admit that if it gets repetitive, I will eventually get tired of it. Other fans probably would too. I hope that they can do something different next season if they will have one.

Photo Credit: ANTM Official Facebook page


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