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Friday, July 27, 2018

Bloggers I Follow: Solenn Heussaff

In the Philippines, most people would know who Solenn Heussaff is. She’s an artist, an actress, a TV host, an author, a model, a social media star (along with her husband Nico) and she is also a blogger.

I was never a fan of Solenn in the beginning. When she started on TV and in movies and such, I just thought she was OK. I think I’ve seen her once in person at a football game when her husband used to play in the UFL but I never fangirled or anything like that.

After my sister started sharing her posts on Instagram, I think that’s when I started following her as well. It was also through her Instagram account that I learned about her blog, which I have only recently started to read.

The stories she posts on Instagram, particularly the ones with her husband, are often very funny and very real. I think that’s what made me follow her account in the first place. I love seeing the relationship that these two have. I hope that if (that’s a big IF) I get married that the relationship I have with my husband will be as good as theirs obviously is. 

While I may have started following because of her and Nico, I eventually followed and used her as my fitspiration – although sadly, inspiration is all it will ever be (for now) since my doctor has not allowed me to do cardio or weights due to my existing heart condition! If only I could be as fit as she is! If only I can eat those healthy meals that she does (no chia seeds here in the province)! Wow, that would be something!

These days I have been following her account because of her art. I used to dabble in art when I was in high school and completely scrapped it in college. I’ve drawn/painted here and there, mostly doodles through the years, but I have been longing to give art a chance again and Solenn’s art is inspiring me to give it another shot. I may never become as good as she is, but I’d love to immerse myself in that world again. I miss it!

Lately, on her blog, Solenn has been making an effort to talk about issues that are close to my heart: the environment and mental health. I love that Solenn is using her status and social media to reach out to her fans and help them to become more aware of these issues that need to be taken seriously.  As much as I can blog on and on about the environment or talk about mental health I only have a few readers on my blog compared to her thousands or millions of followers. It is good that someone with her popularity can use her platform for a good cause. 

I look forward to reading more of her blog as she posts new entries. In the meantime, I will keep following her and her husband on Instagram. If you liked what you’ve read in this post, you probably should too. 

*All photos on this page are screen captures of Solenn's blog.


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