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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cafe Review: Mountain Brew

If you’ve ever gone to Batangas via Cavite’s Kaybiang Tunnel, you’ve definitely passed by this coffee shop that I love going to.

mountain brew

Mountain Brew is located in Ternate, Cavite. If you’re going to Batangas, this would be on the right side of the road and just after you head up on the way to Puerto Azul/Caylabne beach. The place is not that big so if you’re driving past it without knowing it’s there you might not notice it unless it is pointed out to you, even with the markers they’ve put up by the side of the road.

mountain brew

There are several tables and there is a good view of the ocean if you take the smaller seats inside. It is an open area, so it can be a challenge to be there if it’s raining or during the night because of mosquitoes. The best time to be there for me has usually been early in the morning or in the late afternoon when it’s not too hot. Usually, the people there that I encounter are bikers who are on their way or coming from Batangas or groups who are coming or going the same way.

mountain brew

My only issue with some of the tables is that they are a bit too low for the seats, which makes eating a little difficult to do. This is mostly for the tables set up for larger groups. The tables for two are just right for eating and having coffee.

mountain brew

The selection of food and drinks is not that wide, but everything is good and reasonably priced. I usually have their All-Day Breakfast along with a cappuccino but everything on their menu is worth the money. Their oatmeal cookies are a must-buy for me whenever I’m there too.

The staff at Mountain Brew are very friendly, which is why I can’t help but put money in their tip jar when I am there. You order at the counter and the wait staff serves your meals when they are ready. It’s not a pay as you order place, you only pay before you leave. 

For the social media savvy, it is a great place to take photos and with their free Wi-Fi, you can post those pictures instantly. With it being an open area, there is a lot of natural light inside during the day that is perfect for social media photos.

mountain brew

With the place being as small as it is, there isn’t much of a parking area to speak of. You have to park by the side of the road near the area. There isn’t that much traffic in the area, so your car is relatively safe there. Plus, the place doesn’t get that crowded so it is not a big deal not having a big parking space anyway. Bikers, however, will have no problem as there is parking that is specifically for bikes in front of the property. 

Based on their Facebook Page, some celebrities have already been to Mountain Brew like Matteo Guidicelli, Ana Capri, MJ Lastimosa, Cesar Apolinario, Carlos Celdran, and Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. I’m guessing that while it’s more likely you’d run into me than into a celebrity, there is a chance that you could when you stopover at Mountain Brew.

mountain brew

Next time you are on your way to or from Batangas and you’re passing through Cavite, you might want to give this place a try. It’s worth the stopover. 


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