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Monday, August 13, 2018

Family Get Togethers

When I was younger, it was a given that weekends were usually spent with my cousins from my mother’s side of the family. Summer vacations too. There were also the holiday get-togethers at our grandmother’s place so we could see each other for Christmas.

I appreciate that our parents made the effort to get us all together and give us a childhood full of memories that we can hold onto forever. I love that it helped us all to become closer even though we all lived far from each other and went to different schools.

We’ve had so many memories together, so many games and adventures as kids that we look back on. So many movies that we grew up watching together, so much time spent at our grandmother’s house playing cards and having a good laugh together. I love that it made me feel like I had an extended number of siblings with all of them. I still feel like I do. It’s amazing to look at everyone now and the people we’ve become to look back at how we all were back then: a bunch of kids being herded off together to the assigned house on weekends for lunch, going to Sunday church together during summers with our grandmother, going to the beach with our uncles…those were days we can all fondly look back on.

Now that we are all older and most of us have families of our own, it hasn’t been easy to get together as often as we did when we are children but I am happy that we all still make that effort to see each other whenever we can. A year does not pass without us seeing each other at one point or another. We may not always be as complete as we used to be considering that some of us now live overseas but I love that we are still all able to connect as a family.

It blows my mind how much our family has grown through the years. It started with our parents, to us the kids, then to our own kids, and now to have grandchildren of our own (courtesy of our nieces, daughters of our oldest cousin). If we were ever to have a reunion with everyone in attendance I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that we would need to rent a ballroom (or at least half of it) of a hotel to make sure that we all fit!

Sometimes I regret not having children of my own to contribute to this ever-growing and loving bunch of people in my family. It’s sad to think that even in my own family, we probably won’t be able to recreate the kind of group we had as kids with our own children because we are not that large of a family. Case in point: my mother’s side of the family has 10 kids/siblings, with only one of them not having children. In my immediate family, there are only four siblings. Some of our aunts and uncles also had only one child each. Four is the maximum in terms of siblings with me and my cousins, if I’m not mistaken.

I am grateful for my childhood and for the people that I have spent it with. My cousins will always be an important part of my life and I look forward to still actively having them in it until I grow old. I look forward to an ever-growing family with more get-togethers to come.

Oh and as a little note to end this post, I have to share that we just welcomed a new grandson in the family last week. And the family grows yet again!


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