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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Gadget Buying Tips

I’m not your typical female shopper. I’m not into clothes, shoes, and accessories. As long as I have something to wear, even if it means wearing something over and over until they become worn out, I’m good. It takes convincing from family and friends before I actually go out and buy something to wear for myself.

Gadgets, on the other hand, are a different story. I love my gadgets. I find them very useful and I own my fair share, but I don’t go crazy about it. Here are some tips I’d like to share through the years when it comes to buying gadgets:

Ask yourself: Do you need it? What do you need it for?

Let’s say you want to buy a new phone. Why do you need to buy a new one? Is the phone you have broken? Why would you need a newer model? Is it just because it’s the latest model or are there new features in it that you cannot get with your current phone that would make work/school easier?

Piece of advice: if it’s only because it’s the latest model, stop right there. For one, the latest model will have a high price. That price will lower once the hype with it dies down. Plus, by the time the price lowers you might realize you never needed a new model in the first place. Think about it before you decide to buy something. Sometimes (OK, most of the time), our urge to buy is just because of advertising. Think carefully before you buy something to make sure it is something you need and not just want. That it is worth the investment (or divestment, as the case might be).

Go online and Do your research.

If you have decided that you do need and not just want a certain gadget, go online, and find out more about it. Read reviews, compare prices, and learn as much as you can about it before going out and buying it. That will help you decide what brand and model you want to buy. It will help you make the purchase that is right for your needs and price range. The right gadget that will work for you. 

Give it a try.

Once you’ve decided on the brand and model that you want, it’s best to go to the store and give the gadget a try. I know that it’s the popular thing to purchase items online these days but take it from me, visiting a physical store and giving the gadget a try is still your best bet. We can always find out all we want about the gadget online, but how we will feel about using it is something that has to be experienced first-hand. 

Think about it. Then think about it some more.

If you have decided, don’t buy it right away. Not just yet. Sleep on it. Make sure you had done every possible thing to make sure that you do need the gadget you want and that you have made the right choice.  If you still want to buy it after giving yourself a few more days, then it’s time to buy it. 

I hope that my way of deciding when to buy gadgets can be helpful. My strategy has worked for me through the years, I hope it can help someone else too.

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