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Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Gray Hair Problem

I have a problem with gray hair. I have a lot of them. A LOT. It’s not even gray, to be honest. It’s white. It’s upsetting because the hairs just stand out from my actual hair color. It doesn’t look good. And I am only in my 40s!

I am aware that there are people who have gray hair at a much younger age and do not find it that big of a deal but I do. It makes me look a bit unkempt. It makes me look stressed and yes, it makes me look older. I’ve tried coloring my hair a different shade in an attempt to cover it up but it hasn’t worked. I tried a lighter shade and while it does hide it a bit, the gray/white hairs are still there, sticking out like it wants people to look at it to remind them that I am getting old and am more stressed than usual. I have been tempted to color it all gray/white but I have been told that it is a long and tedious process that could damage my hair and it would eventually fade out to a dirty sort of blonde that I might not even care for.

There are so many color options out there, so many that claim that they have effective gray hair coverage but none of them have worked for me. I’ve tried several brands with varying shades but nothing has been able to keep the telltale hairs in check. I don’t even want to attempt those mascara-like wands that only cover it up for a day since that is just too much work for me. The spray-on coverage also doesn’t seem appealing because my problem is not with the roots but with stray hairs scattered all over my head that I can’t seem to hide. If I had the sexy Richard Gere (early RG, I think his hair is all white now) vibe of salt and pepper hair I probably wouldn’t mind. At least it’s all balanced out. Right now it all seems so messy to me.

Going to the salon is an option I could take but given that even box color treatments from the same brands of hair colors that salons use cannot do the job, what more can they do? It would only be more expensive and too much of a chore for me. I’m just not into that much maintenance on my appearance. I could go and follow my mother’s route and just leave it alone but as I said, it makes me look old...way too old for my actual age. I don’t want that. I think I have 25 more years before I can accept going full-on older Asian lady, if you know what I mean.

Suggestions for solutions to my problem are most welcome. These days my white hairs are like a hydra: cut off the head and two more will grow in its place. Cover up some and more seem to sprout up out of nowhere. Some people have suggested having the white hairs plucked out but I’m afraid of making the situation worse.

I’ve seen wax hair colors that might be able to help cover the white hairs but, like the mascara-wand type colors, I don’t want to keep doing it every day. Plus, the wax seems to end up looking sticky on the hair and I want my hair to still feel normal as much as possible.

I am so tempted to cut my hair really short so that it won’t seem too tired or messy but since I’m on the plump side, it really won’t do my face any favors. If I had a slim face, this hair would be so short right now.

I need help. Seriously. Leave a message if you know what to do!

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