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Friday, August 31, 2018

Love By Design: A Review

I’m a sucker for romantic movies, especially those made-for-TV films that Hallmark and Lifetime churn out. They usually have these simple storylines that revolve around two people who end up falling in love and have their happily ever after. I love feel-good films like that when I’m trying to relax at home. It’s a guilty pleasure, really. 

One of these movies is the film Love by Design that stars Giulia Nahmany, David Oakes, and Jane Seymour.  It’s about a young woman (Danielle, played by Nahmany) who works for a fashion magazine who, after having a falling out with her boss (Vivien, played by Seymour), ends up losing her job (and her boyfriend, who looks like he’s never up to anything good anyway).

Danielle ends up going home to Romania where she tries to figure out what to do with her life now that she has to start over. Eventually, she decides to start designing clothes, which was something she wanted to do when she was younger. She also meets Adrian, a Brit who is in town for work and sparks fly between the two.

Like any movie of this genre, things can’t all be going up for Danielle. Even with the instant success of her clothing line (with the help of a friend she left behind at her previous job), Danielle discovered something about Adrian that made her think twice about their relationship. But, like any feel-good film, things work out in the end and Danielle and Adrian end up having a grand gesture moment at Fashion Week, and the happily ever after.

OK, I have to admit that the reason I watched this movie was that it featured David Oakes. I am a big fan of the guy and his work on shows like The Borgias and The White Queen. He usually portrays the bad guy so I was excited to see him as a romantic lead for a change. It works! I wish I could see him in more good guy and romantic lead roles in the future.

Another plus for me about this film is that the female lead is not your usual skinny girl. She’s a girl with curves! It’s nice to see that there are movies that believe they can have a good movie even if their female lead isn’t built like a Victoria’s Secret model.  Aside from that, I liked that while this was partly a love story, it was more about the journey of the lead character into discovering who she was, what she wanted to do with her life, and embracing her roots. It was a movie about self-discovery, it just so happened that she fell in love along the way too.

It was a little disappointing that Jane Seymour didn’t have much to do in the movie but be the villain (of sorts), but she did make her presence felt in her bit of a Miranda Priestly-ish role. She will always be Elise from Somewhere in Time to me, one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve seen on film!

If you're into feel-good movies like me with a little romance on the side, I think you'd enjoy this film. Otherwise, I think you're better off looking for something else to pass your time. But if you love David Oakes like I do, this is worth the watch!!!


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