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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My Spotify Dependence

Do you still remember the days when you had tons of cassette tapes/CDs at home?

Do you remember having to sort through the hundreds of CDs, tapes, and vinyl records in music stores to look for your favorite music? 

Do you remember carrying a walkman around? How about a diskman? How about those tiny mini-disk players?

Do you still remember those moments when you had to record music from the radio or bought a mixed CD of songs you liked?

No? I guess I must be older than you then.

People these days are lucky, it is so easy to listen to the music they want, when they want through streaming sites. There is no longer a need to buy mixed CDs or download songs to save on your computer or your phone that will take up a lot of drive space. Streaming services such as Spotify now fill that need for people and for most, it’s for free.

I remember being skeptical at first about Spotify and wondering how they can have all the songs I want to hear on one site but it does do the job for me. I used to be a free member but now I have a premium/family membership that I share with my family. For a low price, I can share the experience with members of my family and I think that it is worth it.

While I think that people who are not into music as much as me and my family would do with having a free account, I think that for people like me, a premium account is better because I can skip songs and I don’t have to listen to ads in between my music. I can also download songs onto my phone so I can listen to them offline. That I think is the best part!

Lately, Spotify had an update that I have not been that much into. There was something different with the setup that I just do not get. It surprised me that there were songs that I saved that turned into automatic downloads even if I didn’t include them in my playlist. I just don’t get the setup as much as I used to these days. I need some time to figure it out, if I can wrap my head around the changes, that is. When I saw it on my mother’s account I decided not to update mine since I prefer the older version. It’s been a month since I saw that new update on her phone and I am still adjusting (and I am not used to) the new look on the app. My mom is actually frustrated that I haven’t been able to help her with her account because I haven’t been able to figure out how to use it on her phone yet. I’ve been so used to the old version I am so weirded out with this new one! This is so hard for me because I use the app all the time. Not being able to use the app properly scares me!

Still, Spotify is one of my favorite music streaming services and is probably one of my most-used apps on my phone. I can’t imagine being without it anymore. I’ve tried other music streaming services but this is still the best one for me.

What about you? What music streaming site do you use?

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