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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Recommended Blog: One Good Thing

Getting older means having different interests. Growing into the whole adult phase of my life has meant being interested in things for the home: quick fixes, tips and tricks, and whatnot. I’ve read through home improvement books and magazines to find solutions for the things I want to get done at home but for the most part, they have not been simple and practical solutions. I don’t have a lot of money so some of the suggestions I’ve read were just too unrealistic and expensive for me.

One website that I regularly read and appreciate is One Good Thing by Jillee. It’s a blog that features home solutions for cleaning, organizing, home décor, and all the other things that I have been looking for in-home improvement magazines and books.

one good thing
Screen capture of One Good Thing By Jillee blog

There are so many tips and tricks on how to solve home improvement issues on this blog – I can’t even count how many pages of hers I’ve bookmarked so that I could get back to them when I know I’ll need them. The best part about all this is that Jillee always has solutions that are not that expensive and that are simple to follow and accomplish.

What kind of home improvement tips did I bookmark? Here are some of them:

Different Uses for Hydrogen PeroxideI’m a bit of a clean freak and reading about the many ways that Hydrogen Peroxide can clean and disinfect made me go and buy a big bottle that I can use so I can try out her tips for myself!

How to Remove Armpit Stains – Come on, we’ve all experienced this before. I noticed that my white shirts had armpit stains on them. I eventually avoided the problem by changing deodorants but I didn’t know until reading her post that you can actually remove the stains once they’re on your shirt.

How to Ditch Your Microwave – My family is dependent on this. I used to be too but once I found out how using microwave ovens is not healthy, I decided to not use one as much as possible. Once our microwave at home gave out, I made it a point not to have it fixed or replaced. I think that once you get used to it, you tend to feel that it’s not possible to live without it but it can be done. Jillee’s blog shows alternative solutions or what you can do if you don’t have a microwave to depend on.

DIY Polaroid Photo Coasters – This is something I have yet to try but I am looking forward to doing it. I’ve seen posts where the coasters are made of wood but tile might be a cute way to go. What do you think? Tile or wood?

Various Tips and Tricks – Jillee has a series of posts called “Why Didn’t I Think of That” where she gives various tips and tricks that can help you reuse or repurpose items to solve some home problems. At the time of this post, she’s on part 5 of the series.

How to Clean Your House After an Illness – It’s a post that’s perfect for a germaphobe like me. I think that she has some really simple suggestions that we can all follow to make sure that our room is clean and germ-free after we get sick so we can fully recover. You don’t even have to be on a post-illness phase to do this. I think we should try this to avoid getting sick too.

Ideas for Reusing Disposable Items – I think that this is something we all can follow so that we don’t produce too much waste. You’d be surprised at how you can reuse so many items that you normally would just throw away!

Jillee also posts renovations she has made with her home and gives tips about how you can do the same thing for yourself. It’s inspiring to read because she really does all the improvements with her family and doesn’t have a contractor to do it for her. It makes you think that you can do it yourself too, no matter how scary or intimidating that sounds.

The blog also features recipes and great DIY gift and décor ideas for the holidays. I think that it’s a blog that you would enjoy reading if you are into that sort of thing. I know I am!


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