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Sunday, December 2, 2018

My Niece Danielle's Art

Art is something that I have an appreciation for. I enjoy looking at framed art paintings at museums and for a time I used to make pencil portraits from photos (I think this was in high school). One thing I do know is that it does not only take talent but it also takes a lot of patience to create a work of art. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The best works usually take a lot of time and inspiration from the one creating it.

pencil art
A very realistic looking sketch of Arianna Grande (It really looks like her right?)

Making a work of art, particularly sketching realistic looking works, is a challenge. I remember using just a charcoal pencil and sketching the faces of family and friends based on their photos and taking so much time with each face. It takes a lot of patience to finish one face because you always want to make sure that you get the faces right, particularly the eyes as they really make the portrait. Doing things like this used to be a passion for me but that has faded through the years. I still dabble every now and then but it’s more of a hobby – I can’t say that I am any good at it, but I just like doing it sometimes. I still have a box of paint and colored pencils, oil pastels, and such in my room but these days they have been rarely used and are gathering dust at home.

Using pencils for art, particularly the kind of art that seems like it wasn’t done with just pencils, is something that my niece, Danielle, does spectacularly well. She can use colored pencils to recreate popular animated characters and recreate photos of her favorite celebrities with just pencils. My sisters and I have talked about how her works often look like they were made with paint and not pencils. They are just that good!

My beautiful and oh-so-talented niece

Her talent, as we had expected, would not go unnoticed. GMA 7’s morning show, Unang Hirit, featured Danielle along with several other local artists of different mediums who created works of art inspired by the Miss Universe competition held in the country.

pencil art
Sketch of Miss Philippines Universe Maxine Medina in her green gown during the Pre-Pageant Stage

Danielle’s work that prompted this attention, if I’m not mistaken, is her work featuring Miss Philippines-Universe Maxine Medina in her lovely green gown from the preliminary competitions. During the airing of Unang Hirit, she also created one of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

My sisters and I were so proud to see her on TV and have her talent acknowledged like that. I am in awe of her talent. She has been doing this for a while now and I can say that she has a lot of talent at such a young age and I know that this can only improve as she keeps going.

pencil art
Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel from Tangled (I love this!)

I wish I had the patience that she has when creating her art – she mentioned that it takes several hours (when you’re in a good mood) to accomplish her best work. I don’t think I can work that long at something like that!  My attention span these days is much too short for it!

pencil art
The little turtle from Finding Nemo (so cute!)

If you’ve read my previous post on Karenina’s Cakes, I want to share that Danielle is the daughter of Karen and she helps with her mother’s cake designs. You can check out my post on it here.

pencil art
The "I See the Light" scene from Tangled

I don’t know how far she will take this passion of hers in the future but I can bet that she will take an artistic path career-wise. I can’t wait to see where she takes this talent next.

*All works of art on this post credited to Danielle Peredo


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