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Friday, December 28, 2018

This Blogger is Also Miss Fix It

A little bit of trivia: I like tinkering with stuff and figuring how things work. If I can fix things on my own without bringing it to a repairman, I will try to do it myself. I’m such a guy that way.

My parents told me that it’s something that I’ve been into since I was in pre-school. They used to catch me tinkering with our Betamax player (unplugged, of course), trying to figure out what goes in inside the machine when I put a tape in. These days I don’t really have time to tinker with appliances and such during my free time but when the situation calls for it, I still channel my inner MacGyver to try and fix things. Call me Manang Gyver (get it, Manang = Old woman and Gyver = McGyver?).

Girl Repair
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I’ve been known to take apart an electric fan to clean it up to the motor part. I’ve taken apart a paper shredder to clear away stuck paper between the blades. I’ve even taken apart my point and shoot camera to take out a speck of dust that managed to get in between the LCD screen and the cover. I’m not afraid of taking a screwdriver and taking stuff apart – as long as I remember what went where I know I can put everything back together again. I’d probably tinker with a car if I ever owned one (which I don’t, sadly).

It’s not always appliances that I take apart or fix. My mom recently gave me a couple of rosaries to fix. The rosaries both had broken chains and beads that weren’t set anymore. Thanks to a childhood where I hung out with a monk making similar rosaries, I managed to fix and make the rosaries good as new. You wouldn’t even think that anything happened to them in the first place. I was pretty proud of that. After all, it’s been a couple of decades since I last made a rosary.

My best fix-it project by far however is not for a gadget/appliance/rosary: it’s an old statue from the 50s of the Virgin Mary that my father owned. I think that it was from his mother because it has a date from when he was a child and it’s been old and faded and broken – all that held it together was a strip of masking tape and a telltale stripe of rugby. After years of neglect, I glued and patched the statue and repainted it to cover up the parts that were chipped (which was practically all over the back of it, it took a lot of paper and glue and paint to make it look like it was never broken in the first place). My mom was very happy with the result.

I'm not completely satisfied with the finished product because I only worked with poster paint. I think using acrylics would have been better and would have given a different effect with the coloring. It might still need more on the contouring department for the clothing part of the statue. If I get the chance I just might redo it one day but for now, it's good enough and is on display in our living room.

I think this is definitely a trait that I got from my father. I don’t really mind because I enjoy doing it and figuring things out when I can. I know it’s not a girly thing to do but I like it anyway.

One of my goals was to paint something good enough to be put on display...I think I accomplished that with this restoration project! Yay!


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