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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Thinking About Septage Management

We never really know how lucky we were as kids until we had to be the adults themselves. Being an adult, aka “adulting,” is not an easy job. On my end, I just wing it and hope for the best.

The thing about adulting is that you become more aware and responsible for how things are around the house. When I was younger I never worried about plumbing, home repairs, and all that. Now I do. I wish I didn’t have to but when you’re faced with leaks that need repairs and no one else to turn to, there’s no other choice.

One other thing I never thought I’d worry about? Septage. Specifically, septage management. Worrying about where the wastewater from our home (and toilets) go and when I have to get our septic tanks cleaned. It’s a dirty job (pun intended) but someone has to think and worry about it.

Septage Management --- it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! (Photo from Bevlogenteams on Pixabay

In the Metro, I think that the water providers there also provide septage management services. For the provinces, it's a bit different. I live in the province and out here, most homes have their own septic tanks where the sewage (wastewater from your home/toilet) goes. For most people, that means that every half a decade or so depending on the size of your home’s septic tank, you need to have all that removed or it’s going to overflow, which will cause more issues than having it removed/cleaned in the first place. Just picture it --- scary, isn’t it?

In recent years, I’ve heard that there is a law that requires all cities and municipalities to have a Septage Management Ordinance to ensure that all homes will have this whole septic tank issue taken care of by their local government (for a fee, of course). I think this is a good idea because hiring private septage service providers can be a bit of a hassle. It’s high time the government took action on this (I can’t stop wondering where some people might be putting their wastewater and as a germaphobe, it’s making me antsy.)

Septage management in the Philippines, these ordinances considered, is going in the right step environmentally. This would mean that all homes would be required to have their own septic tank. I know there are still homes that do not have this (which makes me wonder where all their wastewater, particularly from the toilet, goes) so to obligate them to have one or for the city or municipality to have its own sewerage system would be beneficial to the environment and to homeowners. The waste would be collected and would undergo a septage treatment process that would avoid wastewater seeping into the soil and into groundwater sources. After treatment, the cleaned water can be reused for other purposes. I heard one municipality has already decided to store and give their treated water to the fire department.

I have no idea if our municipality has a septage management ordinance already, but I’m hoping since this is something that the national government wants that it’ll happen sometime soon. I don’t mind paying the local government to take care of the whole sewage problem, as long as the prices are not exorbitant compared to how it would be if a private contractor did the work – which brings me to the question: if the local government will have a septage management treatment process for sewerage in the municipality, what do the private contractors do with all the sewage? It’s not like I see treatment plants anywhere nearby. Do they – gasp – throw it somewhere that further pollutes the environment?

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t an adult, I really don’t want to be thinking and worrying about these things. It brings my anxiety issues to a whole new level of dread!


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