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Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Best Makeup Guru: Wayne Goss

There was a time when I loved putting on makeup. I hardly ever put on makeup when I was still a student so when I finally started working, I started wearing makeup to work and whenever I needed to go out. Lately, however, I have shied away from using too much makeup. My policy on it is to wear as little as possible, meaning just a dab of lipstick, eyebrow brush, and a dusting of powder to cover up any oily spots. It goes without saying that this habit means that I am a little rusty when it comes to doing the best makeup application on my face. This is where my favorite YouTube channel, Wayne Goss, comes in.

Wayne Goss is a makeup artist who has a YouTube channel and website where he shares his best makeup tips and tricks. If there is anyone that I trust when it comes to makeup these days, it would have to be him.

wayne goss
The Wayne Goss YouTube Channel

I can’t remember when I first discovered Wayne Goss but I think it was when I was looking for ways to put on makeup for a certain event that I was supposed to attend. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have gained a considerable amount of weight, and doing makeup to make my face slimmer was something that I was not used to. Enter Wayne Goss and his tutorials on contouring.

The first time I found Wayne Goss and his makeup tutorials I got out my makeup bag and tried to copy what he was teaching in the tutorial. I ended up making a mess of myself (this was a contouring video) but I did learn from the experience and managed to do better the second time around.  I can even do some of his tips now without having to watch the videos first.

What I like about Wayne Goss is that he speaks with authority, but he does not talk down on the people who are watching his videos. He speaks to you like a friend trying to make sure that you are doing your makeup right. He does the tips that he discusses on models and sometimes even on himself and you can see that he really knows what he is talking about.

It’s amazing how what he does on his models can sometimes seem scary initially but as he blends it all together you see how everything works together and achieves the look that he is teaching. I don’t think I ever knew about proper blending until I discovered his tutorials!

Another thing that I like about Wayne Goss’s channel is when he talks about beauty trends that he thinks are ridiculous. I hear about all these trends that people do and I try not to follow them unless he says it’s OK. He explains why some trends are just plain crazy and why he thinks we shouldn’t follow them. I like that he’s not afraid to point things like that out.

The channel also features reviews of various products – not just makeup but skincare products as well. He also recommends the best makeup based on his own experience for the various makeup categories like blusher, highlighter, foundation, lipstick…the list just goes on and on.

The Wayne Goss YouTube channel started years ago, and today, he posts video updates every three days. He currently has around 3.4M subscribers, which just proves that so many people trust him when it comes to makeup. I’m surprised that all he has out are his line of makeup brushes – he should have his own makeup line! I mean come on, he is the real deal, someone should help him set that up!

I think that anyone who wants to learn about putting on makeup can benefit from watching Wayne Goss’s videos. It is not intimidating to follow and you don’t necessarily have to own the same brands that he uses on his tutorials but you must follow his process to get the desired result. I’d just advise that if you need to go out and you want to follow the makeup in his tutorials that you should do a trial first: try it when you don’t need to go out so that you can see how you can adapt the tutorials to whatever tools you have at your disposal and see how the process will work for you before you do it again and actually wear the makeup out. Other than that, I think that anyone will turn out fine if you follow the advice he gives. I know I do.


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