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Friday, January 18, 2019

A Star Cinema Inspired Post

The Star Cinema movie Past Tense was about a woman who went back in time to try to get her past self to fall in love and give her best friend a chance at a relationship with her, which brings us to the question:

After reading the question on Twitter, I did not even give it a second thought. I answered yes. I am more mature compared to my past self and I would have given some advice as to how I should have handled my past relationships (or specifically, one particular relationship). I had that “one who got away” and if I could, I would definitely have tried to get my past self to grow up more and see our relationship through more mature eyes.

Another Star Cinema movie, Starting Over Again, made me look at this from a different perspective. While I might be willing to go back in time to do what the lead character did in the movie Past Tense, I do not think I will try what the lead in Starting Over Again did. I do not think that I can try to rekindle a past relationship, even if he was the one who got away.

Like what one character in the movie said, “Past is past.” If we were meant to be together, I would not need to chase after the guy because we would eventually work our way back to one another. Besides, I know that it would not work anymore because we have grown to become different people from who we were in the past. There will always be that little bit of regret that it didn’t work out and I admit that I will always love him, but to paraphrase what Piolo’s character said, I love him but in a different way. I love him for the memories we shared, for what we had together, and for how he made me be a better person than I was back then. Because of that, he will always be an important part of my past. Nevertheless, that is all it is now, my past. There is no going back.

Instead of going to the past to correct it or rehashing an old romance, I would rather be able to look forward to the future to see the state of my (love) life. Would I stay single or will I have someone who I will spend my life with – now that is the more interesting question!

What do you think?

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