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Monday, January 7, 2019

Sharing My Love for Sam Hunt

To be honest, I can’t remember when I discovered Sam Hunt, I just know that I’m a fan. I’ve been a country fan for a while, listening to Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan on Spotify. 

I admit that it’s weird that I’m a bit (?!) of a country fan, even if that kind of music isn’t that popular here in the Philippines. The chances of a country star having a major concert here in the country are next to none (unless you’re more of a country/pop crossover star like Taylor Swift). The lack of the genre’s popularity is part of the reason why I’m surprised I became a country fan, with one of my favorites being Sam Hunt. 

I have been listening to Sam Hunt on Spotify for a while now. I’ve even had his songs downloaded on my phone via the same app because I enjoy listening to it so much. There’s something about how his songs can feel so laid-back and fun and comfortable at the same time that makes me enjoy them so much. His music has been credited with having elements of R&B and pop so that probably gives his music more of an appeal to me compared to other country artists.

I think the first song I heard from him is Take Your Time but after checking his music out on Spotify I discovered that there are so many songs of him that I enjoy more than that first song I discovered. I love a lot of his songs from his first album (Montevallo) but I enjoyed the acoustic versions of his songs more on his acoustic mixtape, Between the Pines. Everything just sounded and felt better to listen to as an acoustic version. It felt raw and more real (and more fun to listen to personally) because it felt like I was hanging out while he played music nearby. It’s too bad there was no acoustic version of Take Your Time though.

My favorite songs from Between the Pines are Raised on It and House Party (for fun music), Ex to See and Make You Miss Me (for those heartbreak tracks) and I Met a Girl and Come Over (if you want those sweet, romantic tunes).  There’s just something about his songs that take me to a different place. I enjoy listening to them so much! I sing along as much as I can but sometimes his songs can get pretty wordy or too fast that I fumble up the words while I sing along (listen to Speakers, Take Your Time, and Breakup in a Small Town and you’ll know what I mean).

I know it’s a long shot to be able to watch Sam Hunt perform live here in the country but it sure would be an amazing experience if he ever did. Something acoustic, like Between the Pines would be a great thing if I ever had the chance. I can imagine myself swooning to the slow songs and dancing along to the fun ones. 

From what I’ve read online Sam Hunt is working on his second album. I can’t wait to hear it. There have been a couple of tracks released so far but I’d love to hear the whole thing soon. I’m sure it’s going to be good!


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