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Friday, January 11, 2019

Shopping When Adulting

I’m not much of a shopper. I am the type who only shops out of need more than out of want, which would explain my lack of proper wardrobe for going out (because I hardly do). When I do shop, I make a list then I’m in and out of the store as soon as I have completed getting everything on it.

It’s interesting to notice that now that I’m older my list of priorities of things to buy has changed. When I was in my 20s it was all about clothes, bags, and shoes. In my 30s it was about makeup and gadgets (an odd combination, I know). Now that I’m in my 40s, it’s all about the home, which goes to show where my priorities lie these days.

grocery shopping

I can go crazy shopping for groceries. If I could afford more than my usual, I probably would buy more. My list is long, although I try my best to be practical and not go beyond my budget. But I don't just go crazy with the groceries. You can leave me at the department store’s home furnishings area and I could keep myself entertained for hours looking at bed sheets, curtains, kitchenware, etc. I’d be looking at prices, comparing products, and checking to make sure what brands to look for the next time I need anything. My recent purchases have been for the home: bedsheet and pillowcase sets, a hot plate, a blender, and curtains. I try not to go too crazy when I shop for these things but sometimes, I can’t help myself. I’m actually considering buying an oven next time (once my budget permits). I know that purchase will inspire a slew of other purchases for cooking and baking tools, so I am taking my time on that one.

The only difficult thing about buying things for the home is the fact that I live with my family. My mother, in particular, has her own set of preferences for home stuff that I don’t necessarily agree with so I sometimes hesitate with my purchases because I know that she wouldn’t like them and would most likely be stored somewhere in the house where I would not be able to use them (which is my mother’s M.O. when it comes to items she categorizes as not useful).   Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have my own home so I can do with it what I want but that’s not likely to happen. I’m single and it’s just not practical to live on my own. If I ever get married (by some miracle) maybe then I could fill a home with the things that I like. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can with the family home.

There are so many things that I’d like to do for our house. There’s a lot of repairs that need to be done but apart from that, there are some items that I’d like to purchase for the house soon:

Solar Panels

With electricity prices being as high as they are these days and with the heat becoming worse and worse, I know we’d be needing to use more electricity to cool off when the summer comes. I’d love to buy solar panels that will help us to save on our electric consumption/expenses. I think it will also help when there are power outages from storms if we were to have a backup source of power like solar panels for our home. Unfortunately, these things are still too expensive for me but I am considering taking on a loan to make this happen. I’m still weighing my options but I’m hoping I can make this happen sooner rather than later.


My sister loves to bake. I cook as well, although I’m more the cook-when-in-the-mood type. I’ve been thinking of buying an oven to try my hand at baking myself, but I’m more interested in using the oven for cooking some of the recipes I’ve discovered online. Most of them need an oven so this is something I’d love to have soon. I’ve already gone to the mall to look at several models and I’m keen on buying something from La Germania. Maybe before the year ends. Or early next year. We’ll see.

There are a bunch of other things I’d love to buy like a new bed and mattress, a step ladder, a tea set, a wing chair (or as I like to say it in my head, my reading chair)…I could go on and on. It’s funny how my 20-something self probably would never imagine herself being crazy about things like this in the future. I can’t believe it myself and I’m the one with the huge home shopping list.

I can’t believe I’m finally going the domesticated route when it comes to my purchases. Am I a late bloomer for this? I wonder when other people started getting these shopping preferences?

Are you currently in the same phase or have you gone through the same thing yourself? Leave me a message and share your story!


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