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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Promdi Life: My Love for Starry Nights

I have a love-hate relationship with my bedroom. It has large windows that pour all the light in during the daytime. It can get frustrating when the weather is extremely hot because no amount of curtains can hide me from the heat from the sun. BUT (and it is all caps because it is a big but) the room and those windows are a big plus for me at night. The windows that surround my room allow the evening breeze in almost every night, making my room the coolest (in terms of temperature) one in the house. There are nights when I do not even need to turn the fan on because it can get cold enough for me to curl up in a blanket even without it.

Photo Credit: Fleuber on Pixabay

If the cold nights were not enough, the best part for me would have to be the view. From my bed, I could look up and out the window and see stars. I can turn left or right and still see the sky full of stars (as long as weather permits, of course). It is a beautiful view that is even better when the moon makes an appearance.

The view is so pretty that there have been nights when I just lie back and look up at the sky and let the amazingness (yes, I am aware that may not be an actual word) sink in. It makes me wish that I could high-five God (in the most respectful way of course) for a job well done.

Being able to see the stars at night makes me grateful that I live in the province. I know that the kind of view I enjoy is rare in the city because of pollution. It scares me a bit to hear that our little town here in the province is starting to fill up with commercial establishments and there is constant construction of new buildings and facilities that might ruin the view I have been enjoying every night for the past few years. 

With progress comes, sadly enough, pollution. Air, noise, solid waste...The nightly breeze might not have the fresh air I normally love with it because of all the new things being built. I just feel so much anxiety about how progress has been good in some ways but bad in others. I see so much trash these days not being collected that are just rotting in the streets. It scares me how this is happening now when the progress is not yet that big, what more when it becomes full-blown? I wish these commercial establishments can do their part to help the community and the local government with this so that progress would not equate to environmental issues in the (near) future.

I am not sure if I will like the “price of progress” and “economic development” if it will change the things I love about being from the countryside. It is such a sad thing to think of. 

I should enjoy my starry nights while I still have them.


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