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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Top Songs for 2018

At the end of 2018, Spotify once again gave its users their personal highlights for the year. Like everyone else, I decided to check out the songs that the app has found to be my most listened to tracks for the year. I have to say, the list had a lot of songs that did not surprise me, but there were also several songs which I didn’t expect to be there.

One thing that I wasn’t surprised with was having Taylor Swift songs on my list. I’ve listened to her a lot in the past year, with her songs inspiring some of the writing things I’ve been cooking up on the side that I hope to be able to finish one day. While I can’t really choose a favorite from this list, the one song I listen to the most was the song she wrote with Sugarland called Babe. I can’t seem to stop singing along to that one!

There are other songs on this list that I can’t stop singing along to. I cannot listen to them without singing along in my head or humming along (or all-out singing out loud to it). They come from different artists and different genres, but I love them all the same way. If I had to choose though, the one I probably sing along to the most would be a tie between Luke Bryan’s Play It Again and Wilson Philips’s Impulsive.

Apparently, I also listened to a lot of songs from musicals, given the fact that Falling Slowly (Once), Helpless (Hamilton), and Runaway with Me (The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown) were on the list, along with Hamildrops like First Burn and Found/Tonight. Hits from the movie musical The Greatest Showman also made my list. 

The surprises on my list made me wonder why they made it on in the first place. The Lonely Goatherd, for one, is on this list. I know that my nephew is a fan of The Sound of Music and this is one of his favorites, but I’m still surprised that I have listened to the song as much with him for the song to make it on the top songs for 2018 list. There are also several songs that I didn’t think I’ve listened to that much that made the list like Time of My Life (from Dirty Dancing) and I Miss You (Incubus). Weird. Maybe I play too much on shuffle and these songs happen to be the ones that get shuffled and played the most?

I’d like to think that there are a lot of songs on my list that people have not listened to that I could maybe recommend to other people. Songs that were not played on the radio or promoted as singles but are still worth the listen if given the chance. Here are some of those songs:

Slow Dance (Kelly Clarkson) – There’s something about this song that is just so sexy to me for some reason. I find myself smiling whenever I listen to this one.

Loving You (Paolo Nutini) – I actually like the live version of this song better but it’s not on Spotify so this will have to do. But if you want to listen to the live one, it’s on YouTube!

Be My Baby (Jocelyn Scofield) – People would be familiar with the older, more pop version of this song but I find this stripped-down version a better one.  

Speed Limit (Boyce Avenue) – One of my all-time favorites. The acoustic version is the best!

Raised on It (Sam Hunt) – This guy’s music is all so good but this one just reminds me of laid back but fun times hanging out with friends and family. 

I Bet (Ciara, Joe Jonas) – Didn’t think I’d ever like a Joe Jonas song but thankfully, Ciara helped me change my mind with this song. 

Loved (Lucy Hale) – Such a cute, sweet, country(ish) song about love. 

Don’t Wait (Dashboard Confessional) – Discovered this via Daniel Henney. It’s a song that doesn’t get old for me.

What made your list for 2018? Leave a message in the comments section and let me know!

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