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Thursday, February 14, 2019

My Delicate New Year's Day

I’m in the middle of writing a love story and the songs that play in my head whenever I think of the main characters in my “novel” (or novella, depending on how long it actually ends up) are the songs Delicate and New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift. For now, my working title is My Delicate New Year's Day, just because those songs are playing in my head. In the beginning, I used to listen to Kelly Clarkson's Catch My Breath while writing this one, but the first two songs are the ones that give more feeling to what I'm writing at this point.

Some people have asked me why I’m writing a love story. Maybe it’s because I’ve had my share of love and heartbreak. Maybe it’s because if I can’t have a love life, I can make a fictional one that people will enjoy reading about. Maybe I just love to write...I don’t know. I just enjoy the idea of it I guess. 

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I know that there are writers who say that they try not to put personal things into their stories but for me, I think that I can’t help it. While the stories in my head are about people that are so far from who I am, I do put in instances that were taken from my own personal experiences. It could be things that have happened to me or things that I have seen happen to other people. I think it’s because, as they say, you have to write what you know. It’s not that the stories are my stories per se, but that some bits and pieces of what happened to these characters are taken from real-life events, albeit with some exaggerations or artistic license in terms of interpretation.  

Take this idea for example: in my story, one of the characters has a soft spot for another character because of an act of kindness that this character has done in the past. It made me think of how sometimes we take the random acts of kindness we do for other people for granted, but to the other person that would have been an important event in their life that resonates for a long time. I got this idea from something that happened to me. 

Back when I was younger, I remember visiting a place from my childhood that meant a lot to me. The only thing was that it felt so different. The sense of belonging I felt for the place wasn’t there anymore. I felt like a stranger in a place that once felt like home. I felt like maybe it was the wrong idea to go back. I remember at that moment running into someone who had this big smile, greeting me and remembering me and asking how I was doing. That might have been a small gesture to that person but to me, that was greatly appreciated. To this day I remember that moment and that smile and that feeling of being welcomed/ accepted. I always remember that person with a smile on my face and hoping that person is still as nice as I remember. I took that experience and turned it into something I could use in my story. A little seed planted that gives the events that follow some justification.  

For me, I think writing about things that actually happened in real life, like the one I just shared, means it's something people may be able to relate to instead of a “too good to be true” event that is more fantasy than reality. That’s probably why I like Taylor Swift’s songs Delicate and New Year’s Day. They talk about things that could happen to anyone.

In Delicate, she wonders if the other person thinks of her and how she pretends he is hers all the time because she likes him. I’d like to think that many of us have been through that. The lines that ask if it’s cool that she admits to telling him that she likes him and if it’s too soon to say those things...I think that’s something a lot of people have felt at one point or another too, myself included.

With New Year’s Day, the part that I love the most is when she asks the other person not to be a stranger whose laugh she’d recognize anywhere. Don’t we have those people who we wish we’d have in our lives forever? I think that’s what that line is about. Not wanting them to be the people who drift out of our lives and become strangers that we will recognize in the future. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve had friends who have drifted out of my life who I wish were still around so I can relate to those lines.  

Hopefully, I can finish this story I’m writing soon so I can share it with everyone. Until then, I’ll be listening to Taylor Swift as I complete this story that has been pre-written in my head.  


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