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Sunday, February 10, 2019

My Plus Size Shopping Experience

I am a plus-sized woman. There’s nothing I can do to deny it. I have not fit into regular-sized clothing in years, specifically since I had my surgery that removed my thyroid. My attempts at weight loss are a continuous struggle (that I will discuss in a future post). The biggest (pun intended) problem that I have with the weight, however, is the fact that it is so hard to find something good to wear. 

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I hate shopping for clothes. Even when I was of “normal” size, I didn’t enjoy the whole process. I hated having to choose and try on so much when I only needed one or two pieces. Now that I’m of a certain weight, that process has become harder because being plus-sized has its pros and cons. OK, more cons than pros at the moment if I am to be completely honest. 

For one, plus-size clothing stores are rare. Yes, there are online stores, but which ones can you trust? Which ones have a good return policy in case the clothes turn out to be sub-par or of the wrong size? 

I currently have my select few that I go to, but then there is another problem: the lack of options. I find that most of the plus-sized clothes that I find are of a certain style that is just not me. It’s frustrating. I’m not a printed clothes type of girl but I find myself having to choose printed items because most of the choices are printed. So many to me are so frumpy and I can’t get myself to buy them, much less wear them. 

Another issue is the sizing. I find that most stores have different measurements. What can be XXL here, can be XXXL in another store. Or an XXXL can be an XXXXL...and so on and so forth. I find myself buying stuff a size bigger just to be sure that it fits, even if it means wearing something a bit too loose for my taste. I once bought a dress that was my size but it ended up being too short for me.  

And what is it with clothes being super fitting and of a certain style for plus-sized women? I agree with embracing the curves but some embrace it too much that I feel like I’d look like a super stuffed sausage in them! I just can’t picture myself wearing any of them! It's either I end up looking like that or I will look like a pregnant woman or worse, a grandmother in the outfits!

My friend advised me to just buy clothes overseas. Just order from international online stores and choose from there. It sounds so simple but the practicality of it all just gets to me. I find myself thinking of the exchange rate, the shipping fee, the issue with returns in case there is a’s just too much work for me.  It's not even about the price specifically, since I'm willing to pay extra as long as it's something I'd be happy with. It's just the process of it all that I can't handle.

Oh, and has anyone heard of the horror stories of buying plus sizes from China? My goodness, they usually end up being so small! I just can’t picture putting myself into the stressful process of needing an outfit, buying it overseas, waiting, and discovering it’s way too small and that I have to return it!  

I know someone might say just lose the weight and buy from the regular-sized clothes again. I wish that it were that simple. I have health issues that make that a challenge, let me put it that way. I’m considering buying fabric and just looking for someone to sew clothes for me. At this point that is an option that I am taking seriously because I am so frustrated about this. 

If anyone can just point me to a good and reliable plus-size seller/store, I’d appreciate the suggestion! 

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