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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Why is There So Much Hate

Empire actor Jussie Smollet was in the news recently after he was attacked in Chicago in what was reportedly a racist and homophobic attack. I don't want to go into further detail about what happened as I don't know all the facts but it saddens me that our world is surrounded by so much hate to the point that people attack other people without any provocation.  

Photo from Wokandapix on Pixabay

It's sad to think that while so many people are horrified at the attack on the actor, this is something that isn't new. It's just been magnified because of the fact that Jussie is a celebrity. Attacks based on a person's race or gender (or for being different in general) happens more than we'd like to believe, it's just that we either tend to look the other way or want to stay out of trouble and ignore it, especially if it's something that has not happened to us directly or to someone we know personally. 

When you look at the core of this it's that people are being attacked for being different. For being someone that is outside of what someone thinks is right. For thinking or believing in different things. I'm not going to choose sides and say who is right and who is wrong, that for me is not the point. The point is that these days, people would rather attack other people for being different and for believing in different things instead of accepting and respecting that there will always be people who have different beliefs and opinions from what we have.   

Take social media for example. I've read people shaming other people for posting something that they do not agree with or believe in. Trolling and making fun of someone for being different. Attacking them for not being what they want these people to be. Why do people do that? Will attacking someone online make that person change? Does going after a person that way convince someone to agree with you? More importantly, why do you want to force that person to think like you do? Besides, when is violence ever the answer? If you force someone to have the same beliefs that you do, where is the satisfaction in that? That person only agrees to avoid violence, not because you were able to convince that person to agree with you. Sometimes, we just have to agree to disagree and make peace with that.  

Why can't we all just learn to embrace the fact that everyone is different, and that those differences are what makes the world a diversely beautiful and colorful place to live in? Why can't we learn to accept each other for who we are and respect that while we may have different opinions and beliefs, we can work and live together in harmony because of mutual respect for each other? 

I don’t understand why we would all want to be the same anyway. Do we all want to be clones of each other? That would be pretty boring if you ask me.  

I know that it’s cliché to ask but why can’t we just all get along? 

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