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Monday, February 4, 2019

Who are Those Masked Singers?

Sometimes there just some TV shows that can get so crazy, it's so hard to look away. The Masked Singer on Fox is one of them. I can’t get enough of the whole guessing game about who the masked singers are!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The US version of the Korean show King of Masked Singer, this show features 12 celebrities in costumes and wearing elaborate masks as they perform for an audience that includes four other celebrities (Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger) who try to guess who are the faces behind those masks. Every week, the audience votes off one performer who then takes his or her mask off in front of everyone. 

I had no idea who the first three people were who were unmasked but I think that’s because I'm not familiar with any of them (Bull - Antonio Brown, Tommy Chong - Pineapple, Terry Bradshaw - Deer). The fourth one, Margaret Cho (Poodle), was someone I was familiar with, but I wasn't able to guess who she was from the clues given. Tori Spelling (Unicorn) on the other hand was an easy guess because the clues were such a giveaway.  

There are only 7 more celebrities left to be unmasked and I am looking forward to the episodes to come because the masked singers left have all been surprising audiences with their performances. I'm guessing that some of them are just coming out of their shell so the singing is getting better as the episodes go.  

There are singers that I'd like to keep on longer than the others in this one. I hope that the ones I'd love to stay on will get to stay as long as I hope they do! Here's the order of the singers I'd love to go and my guesses on who they are. Most of the internet seems to have the same guesses so it will be fun to see if we're all right! 

Raven - This is Ricki Lake, based on some sleuthing online. The performances are OK but the other ones left are even better. 

Alien - This one I think tried to hide her talent a bit at the start, which is why her latest performance had everyone surprised that she could sing. Everyone agrees this is La Toya Jackson and based on the latest clues, I think they're right.

Monster - This one I'm on the fence on. There are so many clues but since I'm not that familiar with anything about the person that people think this is, I'd have to take their word on it being T-Pain even if my gut is telling me it could be Nelly. If it is T-Pain, I'm definitely surprised that he can sing like that!

Lion - Everyone says that this is Rumer Willis and I have to agree. All clues point to her. I look forward to her performances because they keep getting better and better.

Bee - The thing that excites me about this one is that everyone is in agreement that this is Gladys Knight...and she's been singing modern songs. It will blow people away when she's unmasked!

Peacock - This one is Donny Osmond, but some people say it could also be David Hasselhoff. I'm more Donny than David on this one. I enjoy his performances because they are always on a higher level, which could be because he did say that he's been performed in Las Vegas.

Rabbit - This is the one that I'm most excited about because I'm convinced that this is Joey Fatone of Nsync. I was hoping that this was JC but the latest clues make it obvious that this is Joey. I'm so happy that people are getting to see that everyone in Nsync, for this show Joey, in particular, is talented. I hope he doesn't get voted out until the very end because I have been enjoying every single one of his performances. 

I'm so happy that these celebrities can show a different side of them and entertain the audience with talents that they would not have been able to share given the preconceived images people already have about them. I can’t wait to see the next episodes. This has been so fun for me to watch! 

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