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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

World of Dance Philippines -- The Story So Far

Has anyone been watching World of Dance Philippines? It’s the local version of the US World of Dance competition that is being judged by Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough. The local version follows the same format: dancers are categorized by divisions: Junior, Upper, and Team (for the US version though there is a Junior and Upper Team).

The people who pass the Qualifiers are weeded out by the Duels within the divisions. After that the divisions are thinned further with the Cut, to see who makes it to the Division Finals. Each Division Final winner will then go to the finals to be the World of Dance Winner. In the Philippines, that means taking home and the chance to be part of the Qualifiers for the US version of World of Dance.

In each round, performers are judged based on Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity, and Presentation – each with a maximum score of 20 points. The average total score of each judge will be the final score of the performer. For the Philippines, the judges are all celebrities who are well known for their talent on the dance floor: Billy Crawford, Maja Salvador, and Gary Valenciano. They are doing an amazing job with the critique for every performer. I love that it hasn’t been all praises and they are really giving comments that can help improve these performers in terms of their craft.

So far, the Qualifiers are still ongoing and the performers who make it through that round will move on to the Duels. I’m very excited to see that! I hope that the producers choose to have people who have the same style to compete against each other so that there can be a balance of different styles during the Division Finals. Here are some performers that I've seen so far who I think should compete against each other:


Ace of Spades vs Little Warriors vs Cool Kids Crew – These groups remind me so much of The Lab. I can’t say they are on the same level yet, but I think these kids could get there!

Ken San Jose vs Dhao Mac - They have similar styles but I have to say, Dhao is way better. But then again, Ken could surprise me by coming up with someone better.


Renz Serrano vs El-John – Both solo performers, both choreographers who gave such intense performances. This could be a fierce showdown!


Crossover vs FCPC Baliktanaw vs Le'Go Fam – Both groups strike me as performers who could join the World Hip-hop Championships, there is no way these two shouldn’t have a dance-off!

Hiraya vs The Exporters – These contemporary groups need to face-off because they are both so good. If they go against a similar group it would make them level up their performances more I think.

Some To Watch Out For

Apart from these performers, some made it in the Qualifiers that caught my attention: 

Gensan DSK (Junior) – These kids reminded me of World of Dance US 3rd placers Swing Latino, only they are the Junior Version! 

Thy Grace (Junior) - They didn’t score as high as the other groups but I see potential in this one.

Asaf Goren (Upper) - If you’ve seen So You Think You Can Dance, you’d recognize Asaf as a former Top 20 finalist. The only one who had the guts (or the nerve) to talk back to Nigel Lithgow. He seems nicer (?!) now, he actually seems humble. Anyone from the SYTYCD family is someone I’d root for. 

Davnor JC Duo (Upper) - These two were so good with their stunts and graceful with the dancing, although I feel there were more stunts than dance at some point. I can see them being a bit like World of Dance US contestants Charity and Andres is they can balance out the dancing and the stunt work. 

Move to the Groove (Team) - They remind me of the Desi Hoppers from Season 2 of World of Dance in the US because they fused ethnic Filipino music into their performance. I’d love to see more of that!

Overload Crew (Team) - They were good, funny, and had some tricks. Reminded me a bit of the humor that Poreotics had in some of their performances.

The Addlib (Team) - I don't think any of the teams dance like they do. Can't really duel them equally with the other groups because their style is different. 

Cedrich and Tintin (Junior) - It’s too bad they didn’t score high enough. I think they were really good. I have to agree with Gary V that Tintin was just on another level and her partner needed to step up. I can bet that if he does, they can be a pairing to watch out for.

Josef Lachica (Upper) - I don't think he is similar in any way and talent to the others but he is someone to watch out for.

There is also one other pairing from the Upper Division that needs to be mentioned. Luka and Jenalyn were former contestants on Season 1 and 2 of World of Dance in the US. They have the highest score in the Qualifiers so far.

I think that Luka and Jenalyn have shown the other dancers the level of talent that they have to be in to win this competition. Watching them you can just see that out of everyone they are just on a whole other level already, which most likely comes from the fact that they have competed against amazing dancers in the US version of the show. 

In my opinion, as good as many of the dancers are that I've seen in the qualifiers, they still are not at the same level as the dancers in the US competition. Then again, this is just the Qualifiers, I don't know how far any of them can step up in the next stage of the competition. I think the judges have been able to point out that while they do have the qualities of being top dancers, there are still some kinks that need to be improved. Some performances needed cleaning up, so needed to be more in sync, some needed to improve on musicality, etc. I hope that the dancers will all keep the advice of the judges in mind during their performances in the next round. I hope everyone improves in the next stage.

That being said, I cannot wait for the next stage of the competition. I look forward to seeing these people (hopefully) blow me away in future episodes!


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