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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Summer is Burning Up

First things first, I need to be upfront about this: I hate summer. I’ve never liked the heat, I’m not a big fan of the sun. I prefer my weather to be cold and gloomy. I prefer the rain. I know that sounds depressing to some, but for me, summer makes me grumpy and the dark, gloomy, rainy weather makes me feel the opposite. That’s just the way I am. 

I know there are so many more fun activities that can be done during the summer, but you can do the same thing during the gloomy weather, right? There doesn’t have to be rain, I’m flexible about that. I just don’t like things too bright, sunny, and – most importantly – hot. I mean, does anyone actually LOVE the heat that we’re getting these days? Seriously? We’re all burning up like crazy!

The heat these days has been unbearable. The temperatures that have been recorded have been scary. The way that the heat feels on my skin even early in the morning stings a bit. Let’s not even get started on the humidity that makes the air feel like you can hardly breathe. The air conditioning at work that often felt like it was on North Pole levels doesn’t feel as cold as it usually does because of the heat outside. It’s scary times. Climate change/ global warming is getting worse. 

There’s something about the heat that makes people sick for some reason. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people who’ve had stomach issues recently, myself included. Someone at work felt dizzy from the heat and some have had blood pressure issues as well. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had major headaches from the heat since the season started. If this will get worse every year, I can’t imagine how we will all survive the summers to come. 

I don’t know what everyone else has been doing to cool down, but for me, it’s been about taking cold baths/showers more than once a day. I’ve read that it’s not healthy to take a cold shower after coming in from the heat so I tend to take some time to cool off before I do. 

There’s also the use of air conditioning. As much as I want to save on electricity, I can’t avoid using it because I’d rather pay for power costs than hospital bills at this point. For everyone else doing the same thing, the best tip I can give would be to get your ACs cleaned so that it can function more effectively and efficiently. You will cool your rooms faster and it will not use as much power as when the AC is dirty. 

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Believe it or not, last summer I didn't use the AC as much. I opted for cold water in a spray bottle that I sprayed all over myself when it was feeling hot. During days off from work, I remember I used to run to the bathroom to splash water on me to cool off. Too bad this year's weather is just too hot for that option. 

Another thing that I plan to do is to set up a huge inflatable pool that we have at home. I’ve been telling my sister that we can just fill it with water and jump in for a soak when it feels too warm. We can just clean and disinfect it when necessary. If I could put in sacks of ice when I jump in I probably would. We can’t all go to the beach to cool off so this would have to do. What I'd give to have a house with a pool though -- I'd love a pool. I'd be there every morning and every night!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

As much as I would like to chug loads of cold drinks, I’ve read that this is also a bad idea when the body is under extremely high temperatures. Still, drinking a lot of water is the way to go in this weather, as long as it is not too cold. 

I can’t wait for the weather to get better. Does anyone else out there feel the same way?


  1. I have ranted about this in my blog, as you know. But I thought it's cooler where you are `coz you're not in the city. Tipong magbukas lang ng bintana ang everything's okay na. Ibang klase na ang init ngayon. Singaw na.
    Kaka-text lang ni Mommy sa akin ngayon ng electric bill namin this month. Muntik akong himatayin pero no choice.

    1. My bill is crazy high too! But then what can we do, kesa naman magkasakit tayo sa heat.

      How I wish better ang weather dito, the humidity is really bad e. Even Tagaytay isn't cold anymore. *sigh*


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