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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Have You Tried Confetti?

Does anyone remember my old post about the trivia app called HQ? It’s an online trivia game where the contestants have to answer 10 straight questions right to win the pot money for the day. It is US-based, so I haven’t been able to win because of all the very American trivia questions that are in the set of questions. I’ve always wondered when they can have a local version and now there is one: Confetti Philippines.  

Photo Credit: Confetti Philippines

Confetti Philippines is an online trivia competition via Facebook Watch. Anyone can join the contests, which are held every Thursday to Monday at 9 PM. All you have to do is be online and registered with a Facebook account when the contest is on so you can answer the trivia questions. If you get all 10 correctly, you win the prize money, which can be as high as $6,000.00! Of course, if more than 1 person gets all 10, that means you will all share the money equally.  Take note that you have to get all 10 right, which means that while you can continue playing once you answer one question wrong, you will only be playing for fun and not for the prize money.

The contest is hosted by Baninay, a vlogger and former PBB housemate.  She’s a very lively and funny girl. As much as I enjoy her as a host, I wish that they didn’t have too much for her to say because sometimes her spiels take too long. Sometimes they have guest hosts too like Bogart the Explorer.

What I like about Confetti is that with friends from Facebook playing with you, there is a bigger chance of winning: if you are not sure of what to answer, you are also shown what answer your friends will enter and it gives you a chance to select the right answer that way. A friend of mine actually won and she admitted that she was copying my answers the entire time, except for the final answer (which I got wrong). The questions are of the multiple-choice variety, so the chances of getting it right are high.

One new thing about Confetti is that if you invite friends to play, you can get an extra life, which means that if you get the question wrong, the extra life keeps you in the running for the prize money. Sadly, even with the extra life, I can’t seem to get myself all the way to win this thing.

Another thing interested players need to know is that you need a Paypal account to receive your winnings. If you think that you have a shot at this, it’s best to set up that account before you start playing just in case. 

The contest is still fairly new, there are still issues with technical difficulties like when I was online and answering questions and yet whenever I enter my answers, I’m told that my entries were lost due to the internet connection.  There were also instances when the game is stopped midway due to technical issues. They move the pot money and add it to the next competition. At one point the prize was actually $10,000.00!

The thing with Confetti is that it can get addicting. You just want to finally get that chance to win every time. I hope that I can get it all right one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll continue playing and have fun with it!

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