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Sunday, April 21, 2019

World of Dance US Season 3

World of Dance Philippines has wrapped up and FCPC Baliktanaw won and is going to audition for the next season of World of Dance US, which is now on Season 3. Here’s what I think about the US version of the show so far:

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Another Level of Dancing

The show is on another level of dancing this season. Contestants need an audition score of at least 85 to qualify for the competition. Contestants previously only needed a score of 83. This made the dancers who made it even better than the previous seasons, which makes for an exciting show. One of these dancers is Lauren Yakima, who is the sister of Amy Yakima who previously won on So You Think You Can Dance. Take note, this girl is still young and is in the Junior category. Can you imagine how amazing she would be as she gets older? 


I LOVE the Redemption round where the two highest-scoring eliminated acts from the Duels will dance to the same song back to back and the judges will pick their favorite who will move on to the next round. You can see the dancers fighting for their life in this round and it is just powerful to watch. One example of this is Kayla Mak, the contemporary ballet dancer who fought her way back in the Redemption round against House of Tap.

Dance as a Sport 

The performances on the show, with all the amazing moves that these dancers make, just proves that dancing is not just an art form, it is also a sport. Dancers are all athletes who train regularly to be able to accomplish the things that they do on the dance floor. World of Dance shows some of the best there is out there to make that point!

The Dance Community

I love that there is so much love and respect for each other between all the dancers. Yes, it is a competition and they do battle it out on the dance floor, but these dancers leave that all there. Behind the scenes when you see them watch each other, they are nothing but supportive of one another. I love that about them. 

One touching moment that I loved was how dancers had so much respect for Poppin John, someone who has been in the dance scene for 22 years. He is amazing! I loved his performance on the show for the Cut, he definitely deserves the respect that the dancers have for him! 

Asians Dominate

Asians have been dominating the season so far in my opinion. Pinoy kids VPeepz (which my niece is now a part of, just have to get that in there) have had the admiration of the judges for the controlled and clean moves that they have. The Indian group The Kings had them on their feet for their stunt-heavy performances. As for Korean group The Heima, they take breakdancing to a different level and always surprise the judges (and myself) with their choreography.

The Kids are Amazing!

The contestants who are part of the Juniors are so good, they could wipe the other competitors clean with their performances. VPeepz always makes me have tears in my eyes because of how good they are and how proud they are to be waving the Pinoy flag in the competition. The little girls in Crazy 8s are also little powerhouses who can do no wrong – they are adorable!

Diversity in Styles

I love that there is so much diversity in dance styles this year. There is hip hop, breakdance, contemporary, ballroom, and ballet. Some groups did not make it further into the competition but I think they deserve a shout out for representing their styles well in the show.

The D’Angelo Brothers and House of Tap got me excited about tap dance and how they were performing it. Jonathan y Jorge gave such fun performances for ballroom that they make me want to go out and dance! 

I also can’t fail to mention some of the contemporary acts still in the running like Derion & Madison and Unity LA, who came out with moving performances in the show.

There is still a long way to go with the show, they are still going to finish with the Cut for the Junior and Upper Team Divisions then move on to Divisional Finals before the final competition. While it would be easy to say that I think this or that person or team could win...if there’s one thing I’ve discovered this season it’s that you can never count anyone out. In the Duels alone most of the lower-ranked dancers won over the higher-ranked ones. In the Redemption round, the dancers often surprise the judges to the point that the ones that qualified are the ones that you did not expect. 

I feel that some of these dancers are still on the verge of exploding to their best version in the competition. I can’t wait to see it!

FCPC Baliktanaw better step up their dancing because at the level the US show is now, they have very tough competition against them!


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