Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Book Review: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

If I could turn a book into a movie (even just a made for TV movie will do), I’d love to make this one. Moonshot, written by Alessandra Torre, has the right mix of romance, drama, sports, murder-mystery, and suspense that would make for a good movie. Plus, I fell in love with the characters and the story so there’s that too.

Cover credit: EverAfter Romance

Moonshot is about Ty, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a baseball player who travels with her father during their games on the road. She meets and falls in love with the new star player Chase, who also happens to be older than she is and has a reputation with women. The love does not last, but they meet again years later when Ty is already a married woman.  

There’s something to be said about love stories that start when the characters are young. I feel like the intentions are pure at that point so when they are given the chance to start over, you find yourself rooting for them to work it out even if you know there are significant obstacles that needed to be overcome. That being said, I did have my hesitations with the age difference, particularly with Ty being underage at the time that they first got together. I kind of wished she was of consenting age when this all went down but I guess that’s the point that made them a forbidden love at this stage of the story. I’m just not comfortable with it especially since Chase, at this point, is already in his 20s. Still, I felt that the whole “man whore” aspect was enough to make this a hands-off situation, to begin with. 

I think the theme of second-chance love, especially when it’s a bit of forbidden love, is always interesting to read to see how things will play out. The fact that the intensity of the characters and their feelings are well-presented in the book made me really root for these characters and hope that they can find a way to be together in the end. It’s a bit conflicting to root for them though, knowing that it was wrong since she is married but you could see they were just meant for each other so it was hard not to! 

With everything that these characters had to overcome to be together, it was all very intense and high-stakes for both of them, which makes the book a really good read for me.  

I’ve said this once before and I will keep saying it until I’m blue in the face: when I can picture the lead characters as certain actors, that means to me that it’s a good book. For this one, I was picturing Matt Bomer as Chase. I couldn’t help it. Brie Larson was Ty for me. Again, I couldn’t help it! 

The whole twist about the murder-mystery aspect of the book caught me off guard at the end. I didn’t see it coming! It was so in-your-face from the start but I didn’t realize it until the big reveal! This was so well written that I found myself doing the whole “OMG face” when I found out who it was and why that person did what he did! That part was so good! 

I know it’s a long shot, but given that another book that I had envisioned as a movie is actually happening, I’m hoping that this book can be brought to life too. Hopefully with actors as close to who I was envisioning for it to play the leads. This could all get bad with the wrong actors so please, if you make it happen, get the right people for it! 


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